Thursday, February 27, 2014

So where we are at as of 2014...

Crime is rampant in Saltillo.  Because the thieves know the citizens do not have guns.  The police and government have taken away it's people's god given right to protect themselves.

So we finally talked with the bar across the street.  They have been broken into 3 times.

Our place is pretty frickin fortified right now.  IF we are here.  We have to shore up the roof with more metal spikes etc.  So......It looks like it might be yet another year before I can return to the states.  We finally paid the liquor license so at least that is out of the way.  But this security is something else.  We have to stop these punks.  After we shore it up I plan on getting cameras. In atlanta Dad and I had a glass door for our front door.  We were sitting ducks there.  But no one ever tried to break in in the 5 years we were there.  I guess it is bred into Mexico to do so.

But hey, at least we don't have Obamacare!  A friend of mine is coming back to Mexico BECAUSE he found out he has to pay $600 for just his family EVERY month for the forced upon it's people healthcare.

Then when we get to the states I gotta import my car.  Bummer!  That is a major amount of money and a painus in my anus.

After all that though, we should be in a good place.  Giddy up.

As of now I gotta find another seamstress....I am making buttons from my youth like crazy.  I have 34 now.  I hope to photograph some of them soon.  I have a few new Marvel Universe figures as well.  They made their way down here.  But at $16 a pop they are far and wide between me buying them.

So that is it.  Bills basically....

EDIT- New info for me.  Apparantly they DO allow you to get a gun...A VERY small gun IF you go to Mexico city to get it.  Ughhh....Because we really need one.  An 18 year old kid was quite visibly shaken outside the other night.  He was just walking up the street when a van pulled in front of him, a few guys got out with knives and stripped him of all his possessions.  They took off.  Probably took 30 seconds or less.  Then gunman have been entering stores and robbing it blind.  Because the citizens do not have guns the criminals KNOW this.  I hate liberal politicians.

Wish I knew I was a gunnut before I moved here in 2006.  But being a witness guns are against their idealogy.  THEY made me stupid.


  1. Be safe there Hobby and get back to the U.S. soon buddy.

    1. Conflicted about it. I love that the way of life is cheaper down here...

  2. Contact me with Any "Fortification" ideas.... and I know how to "make" useful things and would you like for me to craft for you "positioned canons"...???