Monday, February 17, 2014


Of course this will be over the standard requirement of 3.75 inches....This would be for a 5 inch kind of fun.  So with that said...

1. KENNER 1997 BANE- I hated the movie of Batman and Robin.  Hated it.  But this figure does the character justice.  UNLIKE the movie did.  I never had this figure as I had the animated series one.  But this one beats that one IMO.  He looks like he could put a real hurting on Batman.  Look at that closed fist!
 2. KILLER CROC- I was around reading Detective comics when Croc first made his debut.  He was kinda like Bane.  Wanted control of Gothom's gangs.  Too bad the writers decided to make him an idiot later on.  The Croc I was introduced to was smart and a real threat.  I do not care about Post Crisis...THIS is the guy that killed Jason Todd's parents.  I bet you guys in comic land didn't know that.
 3. Clayface-  This one.  This looks more like the animated one than the animated one did.  Big large figure.  I love it.
 4. These Batman robots-  I have looked all over Ebay for Batman Armory and came up empty handed.  They are so awesome looking.  Betting they could kick Ironman's ass.

5. MANBAT- This would be my definitive manbat.  He looks more real than any of the others.  The one in the torn labcoat is actually TOO big for a 5 inch universe.


  1. They have that Armory Batman loose for sale at my local comic book store, but he doesn't include the armored head (helmet). It's just the figure with the standard Batman head.

    1. So these are part of the Armory series then from a while ago?

  2. Some great choices. I haven't seen the Batman robots either.