Sunday, February 23, 2014


One thing I DO like about living in Mexico is the knockoff stuff.  Something I thought I would never own would be the Gulliver Brazil marvel figures.  Well thanks to reproducing...I finally do.

I already painted 5 of them as seen below....Guess what?  I have a WHOLE bag of em!  So whenever I get these bills paid off guess what will be going out in some  care packages?  Wooooo!

From L to R and the top....Spidey, Captain America, Falcon, Thor,
Bottom row- Sum Mariner, Dr. Doom, Doc Ock, Human Torch, Green Goblin

I really enjoy collecting stuff I probably would never do in the states.  In the states it would have been all action figures for sure.  Here I am doing my own custom stuff including buttons and these repops.

I would LOVE to find a stash of repops of the Marx Marvel 6 inchers!  Or the Cavemen too!

Another thing...Darnit...We had to fire my sewing waitress today...That means no more wrestling clothes for awhile till we find someone else.  Darnit!


  1. See Hobby there are some good things down your way buddy. : )

    1. Few and far between but yeah...I gotta look on the bright side!

  2. Congrats on the find. Sorry to hear about your seamstress.

    1. She made her last two which I haven't photographed yet.