Friday, February 7, 2014


I have a few pieces in my gym at home.  I only have two custom made pieces though.  The rest are store bought.  I have always wanted my own home gym.  Every guy usually starts out with the bench press.  But after lifting for a few years I know what ails me.  Abdominals.  Yup.  I hate working them.  I hate them so much.  Plus after you work them 30 minutes in the gym I am too exhausted to do the other stuff.
The above we had made here in Saltillo.  It was Wifey's choice.  She got to pick something to make and I got to pick something.  This simulates climbing a mountain.
I have used it several times.  You can isolate muscles as well.  Just do legs OR just do arms etc.  It works out most of the body.  I am fine with it.
This was my pick.  I tried to think of something I have never seen at a gym so I could use it at home.  So I decided to make a machine that forces your legs to do a split.  Whoa!  I still cannot do one yet if you are asking.  Sometimes I use it alot then other times I forget.

How does this tie into abdominals?  It does not.  However, off to the right I have an abcrunch and a lower ab thingie.  I plan on making another piece real soon.  A roman chair.  Gotta work them abs now!


  1. Good stuff, looks like a torture device though ......

  2. I was expecting this to by a wrestler playset when I first read the tittle.

    1. It is like Simon Says....I didn't say Custom WWE home gym....HAHA...

  3. You really can make anything down your way Hobby!