Monday, January 20, 2014

My GLASS collection...

I found the four hero ones at Target last year.  The Superman man one I found at a comic shop.  It is the classic 1978 version.  The spock one is from the new movie at Burger King in Mexico.

I love the Target ones!  I gotta get more one day.  I have seen the Marvel ones but have not been to the states in over a year.  Arghhh!


  1. I've kicked myself a few times for passing up on those DC Hero glasses from Target. I picked up that Spock glass at a Thrift Store for a quarter last year.

    1. And I kick myself that I cannot get to Texas to pick up the Marvel ones!

  2. I think i used to have that 78' one.

  3. Very nice collection. I am digging the Batman and the Superman The Movie glasses the most.