Sunday, January 19, 2014


I didn't live this period of WCW because I watched the WWF too much.  Apparantly WCW wanted a new adversary for their guy Sting.  A character the Black Scorpion was created.  The guy that was supposed to be him bowed out according to the Four Horsemen DVD and someone else was put in his place.
Gee I wonder who that could be?
 A man is interupting Hogan's promo!  That has to be the black scorpion!
 Eh my camera SUCKS!  Oh well....The Black Scorpion up close!  I also gotta get another crowd shot going.  This one is just a little small.
 It's it's Ric Flair!  Flair is the black scorpion!
 He has suckered Hogan into a fight!  What is this?  Fellow Horsemen Sid is entering the ring!

They are beating the crap out of Hogan!

Making these clothes for my wrestling figures is a dream come true.  I have about 14 more I am going to do and that will be the end for me.  14 more at about one per week is just around 3 more months of this.


  1. I so remember that angle from back then!

    1. I don't. I learned about this from the Horsemen DVD.