Friday, January 24, 2014


I have never understood this concept.  Getting a famous person to sign their name on something.  I don't get it.  Their signiture is not better than mine is it?  But yet there is an entire industry for this. you name it, IT is out there.  Apparantly people like this sort of thing and will pay big money for it.  This topic comes up because a few days ago wifey and I bought the Walking Dead season 3 DVD and watched it in a few days.  Awesome!  So........I started looking on Ebay for Walking Dead stuff.

Just out of curiosity mind you.  I found MANY auctions with this autograph thing going on.  Everything from guitar cases to the comics them selves to the DVD's.  I am sorry....But how boring!  I see these "stars" at conventions and people pay $20 or more for these autographs.

Now I will admit something...Having a star's photo signed by the star is pretty cool.  But to make a business out of selling them is...goofy to me.  I have only paid for two autographs in my life.  Both were $20 apiece.  Eddie Munster and the Iron Sheik.  I got caught up in the fanboy atmosphere of it all.  But I have gone beyond that.
I printed these off of Google.  They look so authentic.  I got Brent Spiner, Sly Stallone, Frank Oz, the Batman 1966 villains, the Star Wars cast, George Reeves, Arnold, Tom Cruise, Betsy Palmer etc.
 Over here I printed out things that also inspired me.  The 1983 Atlanta Braves for one.  Albert Einstein is one my wifey picked out.  She loves him.
 I have Christopher Reeve, Lon Chaney JR., Pee Wee Herman, Roddy McDowell, Lou Ferrigno, Harrison Ford..
 Stan Lee, Ronald Mcdonald...Yes he really does have an autograph...The cast of JAWS and Arnold Schwarzeneggar. I moved Arnold here from the first pic to fit a refridgerator there.
 This wall has some of the cast of Dukes of Hazzard, The Scooby Doo cast, the Droids, and Nicholas Hammond...Spiderman!

I paid about $2 for them.  One to print the image and the other for the frame.  It makes better sense to me to get these then real ones when in effect...these ARE real autographs.  Just printed ones.  Got Adam West, Vincent Price, and the legendary Hulk Hogan...

Again...LOVE making my own things!


  1. I know what you are saying, but the autograph is sort of like saving a baseball stub or buying a t-shirt on vacacion. It's a souviner for the time you meet a celebrity and it just so happens to cost $20. I own about a half dozen "payed for" autographs and a whole lot more free autographs. Most comic book writers and authors don't charge. Neil Ross who did the voice of Pidge and Shipwreck didn't charge at the show I saw him at. When I meet Sgt. Slaughter this fall, I'll pay him $20 to sign my carded action figure. I don't really think it will make the toy worth more, it will just make the toy more special to me.

    1. Gotcha. These are special to me....BECAUSE of the price! HAHA