Monday, January 13, 2014


All my life I have always wanted my own Aquarium.  I think because both my brothers had aquariums or something like that.  My favorite part is always the stuff inside of them.

So I bought one in Texas a few years ago and had my metal guy custom design a metal base for it.  It has handles at both ends to pull it around and WHEELS on the bottom of it.  I love the little blue diver guy.  I want to make a custom Creature of the Black Lagoon one day to put in the tank.
Look at those wheels!  So it could be posistioned next to any outlet in the house.  I can always change it.  It is not a static tank!  I love my guy!  And it has two big doors with two shelves for keeping all kinds of Aquarium stuff.

This was early in our time in Mexico.  I traded our stove for my metal guy to make it.  Heck we didn't need a crappy stove anyways since we had the cafe make all our food.


  1. You need a Aquaman to go in there too.

    1. Maybe I should make an aquaman that is water friendly.

  2. Replies
    1. They all died unfortunatly...I plan to get more when I get a filter system.

  3. I built a wooden stand for my friends huge aquarium a couple years ago. It's probably double the length of that one.