Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Interview with Funko-Super 7!

I gotta tell you guys.  I found this on the net in a Google search. This interview excited me.  So now I know they are indeed making good stuff, I gotta get into playset mode.  I gotta do the Remco Haunted House, the Enterprise bridge, and something from Aliens.

1.How did Funko come to be involved in the release and development of the ReAction line?
We loved the vision of Brian Flynn at Super 7 and his idea of retro action figures. So Brian and I thought it would be great to team up and utilize Funko’s large stable of licenses to grow ReAction more rapidly.
 2. Star Trek Classic was listed as one of the ReAction licenses. What does “Classic” entail? Just the Original Series or everything prior to the JJ Abram’s reboot?
Yes Classic TV i.e. Nimoy and Shatner and the original series  for now.
 3. Stylistically will the ReAction line follow the model established by the Alien figures (neutral pose, straight arms, legs) creating consistency across all the ReAction properties?
Yes absolutely. We want everything to feel like a Kenner Star Wars figure from 1978.
 4. For ReAction, are the figures always 5 points of articulation, or might there be the occasional extra points such as knees for sitting?
Always limited articulation.
 5.You’ve mentioned on the Funko Funatics forums that you plan to greatly expand the Remco Universal Monsters line. Are the Universal Monsters figures going to be done in the Remco style, or the Kenner style? Was your comment directed more at character offerings rather than sculpting style?
More the Kenner style with additional figures not produced by Remco. As well as glow and black and white variations!
6. Will any of the major brick and mortar stores be carrying ReAction and/or Legacy? We believe Toys R Us and Target are very interested in the vision of ReAction.
 7. If ReAction is the hit we all hope it will be, any plans for vehicles or playlets? A Kenner-styled DeLorean for Back to the Future, or an Enterprise bridge would be amazing.
Yes Super 7 and Funko have a nice surprise up our sleeves for Comic Con on a play-set!
 8. You recently revealed Buffy the Vampire Slayers Series 1 (Buffy, Willow, A Gentlemen from Hush, Spike, Angel and Oz) on the FunkoFunatics forum. Will each ReAction release consist of 6 figures, or will it vary from property to property?
Each property varies.
 9. Many of the ReAction licenses are older properties where the classic Kenner style “makes sense”.  How did newer properties such as Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and such get folded into this style?
We want to be consistent with the look and feel.
 10. Fans are already dying for the reveals to come next month at Toy Fair. Now that Alien has been released, how soon until the next ReAction line is released?
Toy Fair is going to explode minds. We will be unveiling 8-10 new lines of ReAction, many in their blister cards and some as prototypes in paint stage. It will be epic!

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