Thursday, January 30, 2014


I decided to show most I have done...All in one place.  The thing is...I really only have 14 more custom clothes for wrestling I would like to do.  After that I will be done with it.  Also I have no more playsets to do either.  So......I will be focusing my energy into collecting my childhood toys.  Some of them that really touch my old heart.  So without furthur more...

 Pleased with the above except for Goldust.  TOO big...
 I know Heidenreich never wore a robe...But it looked good with him.

This is probably my favorite section.

Missing is the Black Scorpion....But like I said I have around 14 more of these but the custom playsets are done of wrestling for now.  In fact this blog might get a little slow.  Newer things will be hard to come by instead of making my own stuff.  I have loved the ride though.  Wifey and I want to pay the credit card off so we can FINALLY travel!  Have not traveled in 7 years.


  1. That Bib Fortuna gave my friend and I nightmares as kids LOL!Long story,though.

    1. I was out of Star Wars by then. I just found him in Mexico and I figured I should get him.