Thursday, January 30, 2014


I decided to show most I have done...All in one place.  The thing is...I really only have 14 more custom clothes for wrestling I would like to do.  After that I will be done with it.  Also I have no more playsets to do either.  So......I will be focusing my energy into collecting my childhood toys.  Some of them that really touch my old heart.  So without furthur more...

 Pleased with the above except for Goldust.  TOO big...
 I know Heidenreich never wore a robe...But it looked good with him.

This is probably my favorite section.

Missing is the Black Scorpion....But like I said I have around 14 more of these but the custom playsets are done of wrestling for now.  In fact this blog might get a little slow.  Newer things will be hard to come by instead of making my own stuff.  I have loved the ride though.  Wifey and I want to pay the credit card off so we can FINALLY travel!  Have not traveled in 7 years.


I am a child of the seventies and eighties.  No doubt about it.  In the seventies these were all the rage...
Sillisculpts which I have one to the right are little statues with usually positive expressions on them.  These really bring me back to the seventies.  How I hung onto this one for so long I will never know.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Again living in Mexico I gotta improvise....So I had my awesome artist make these handheld cameras...

I had three extra Eric Bishoff's wearing black so I made him the camera guys.
He even made a cool little camera pack to go with them.
Not bad.  Just a few paint dashes here for buttons etc.
It really brings my little wrestling world alive with cameras at ringside.  Now all I gotta do is design the barriers and I am set.

BUT....This will be the last of the custom playsets till April.  I gotta pay some bills I have neglected.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Interview with Funko-Super 7!

I gotta tell you guys.  I found this on the net in a Google search. This interview excited me.  So now I know they are indeed making good stuff, I gotta get into playset mode.  I gotta do the Remco Haunted House, the Enterprise bridge, and something from Aliens.

1.How did Funko come to be involved in the release and development of the ReAction line?
We loved the vision of Brian Flynn at Super 7 and his idea of retro action figures. So Brian and I thought it would be great to team up and utilize Funko’s large stable of licenses to grow ReAction more rapidly.
 2. Star Trek Classic was listed as one of the ReAction licenses. What does “Classic” entail? Just the Original Series or everything prior to the JJ Abram’s reboot?
Yes Classic TV i.e. Nimoy and Shatner and the original series  for now.
 3. Stylistically will the ReAction line follow the model established by the Alien figures (neutral pose, straight arms, legs) creating consistency across all the ReAction properties?
Yes absolutely. We want everything to feel like a Kenner Star Wars figure from 1978.
 4. For ReAction, are the figures always 5 points of articulation, or might there be the occasional extra points such as knees for sitting?
Always limited articulation.
 5.You’ve mentioned on the Funko Funatics forums that you plan to greatly expand the Remco Universal Monsters line. Are the Universal Monsters figures going to be done in the Remco style, or the Kenner style? Was your comment directed more at character offerings rather than sculpting style?
More the Kenner style with additional figures not produced by Remco. As well as glow and black and white variations!
6. Will any of the major brick and mortar stores be carrying ReAction and/or Legacy? We believe Toys R Us and Target are very interested in the vision of ReAction.
 7. If ReAction is the hit we all hope it will be, any plans for vehicles or playlets? A Kenner-styled DeLorean for Back to the Future, or an Enterprise bridge would be amazing.
Yes Super 7 and Funko have a nice surprise up our sleeves for Comic Con on a play-set!
 8. You recently revealed Buffy the Vampire Slayers Series 1 (Buffy, Willow, A Gentlemen from Hush, Spike, Angel and Oz) on the FunkoFunatics forum. Will each ReAction release consist of 6 figures, or will it vary from property to property?
Each property varies.
 9. Many of the ReAction licenses are older properties where the classic Kenner style “makes sense”.  How did newer properties such as Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and such get folded into this style?
We want to be consistent with the look and feel.
 10. Fans are already dying for the reveals to come next month at Toy Fair. Now that Alien has been released, how soon until the next ReAction line is released?
Toy Fair is going to explode minds. We will be unveiling 8-10 new lines of ReAction, many in their blister cards and some as prototypes in paint stage. It will be epic!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Because when you want to invade, no one does it like the NWO!  It sucked only having ONE shirt from Toybiz to simulate the NWO.  I had to keep putting it on the newest member and the rest got to be naked again...Well no more...
 I ordered 15 of the shirts from my gal.  Cost $1 a piece!  Not bad since Ralph's figure clothing charged $10 per shirt!
Finally I can have a proper takeover by the NWO.  Yes my NWO is a little weird.  Kurrgan, Cody Rhodes, Mike Awesome, and Undertaker are in it.  But wait...I only count 8 members?  What about the other 7 other shirts I made?  Yeah...Pretty soon some babyfaces are gonna turn on their partners and join the NWO!  Fantastic times ahead!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Uh oh...I am wanting to collect He-man again...

I was out.  I had grown up.  I thought He-man was ridiculous....But the new Matty stuff seemed cool.  Better articulation and it toned down on the goofiness that is He-man.  I found some here in Mexico and sold them off in my cafe 2 years ago.  I even had BuzzChuck's Mantenna in the display case to get rid of.

But then poking around Ebay, I find the FrightZone.  I would have been all over this as a kid but I was out of He-man at the time.  Right when they introduced Hordak is when I fell out of love with it.  I think I was gravitating more towards comics to notice.

BuzzChuck Kevin's Mantenna came worn as most eighties toys are.  The eyes are all scratched out.  But he called out to me from the Monster Cafe display case.  "Help me"  Those puppy dog googly eyes of his.  He kept calling out to me.  "Stay a little longer Harry.  Hold me a little longer.  What was I supposed to do?"  Yeah I just threw in a When Harry met Sally reference...
 Like I said I was out of He-man by the time Hordok came around.  And that included Mantenna...
His eyes were so badly scratched.  I couldn't stand it.  Plus I had no personal connection to him.  So I decided to restore him a bit.

I think they could be good monsters for my MU heroes to fight.  Even in their goofiness....He-man WAS a part of my childhood and he DOES belong on my shelf of childhoodiness.  He looks alot better.  I am on the hunt here in ole Mexico for Masters of the Universe.  Watch out!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Pretty cool huh?  Awesome Ebay find!  Oh what's that?

Yeah I am totally lying.  I MADE these here buttons right here in Mexico!  However I used to have all of them as a kid.  Yes I have found yet another hobby other than...Sewing wrestling clothes, making TShirts, making playsets...and now?  Button making from my childhood.  I love it!  These images really take me back in time.  So glad to have them!

Friday, January 24, 2014


I have never understood this concept.  Getting a famous person to sign their name on something.  I don't get it.  Their signiture is not better than mine is it?  But yet there is an entire industry for this. you name it, IT is out there.  Apparantly people like this sort of thing and will pay big money for it.  This topic comes up because a few days ago wifey and I bought the Walking Dead season 3 DVD and watched it in a few days.  Awesome!  So........I started looking on Ebay for Walking Dead stuff.

Just out of curiosity mind you.  I found MANY auctions with this autograph thing going on.  Everything from guitar cases to the comics them selves to the DVD's.  I am sorry....But how boring!  I see these "stars" at conventions and people pay $20 or more for these autographs.

Now I will admit something...Having a star's photo signed by the star is pretty cool.  But to make a business out of selling them is...goofy to me.  I have only paid for two autographs in my life.  Both were $20 apiece.  Eddie Munster and the Iron Sheik.  I got caught up in the fanboy atmosphere of it all.  But I have gone beyond that.
I printed these off of Google.  They look so authentic.  I got Brent Spiner, Sly Stallone, Frank Oz, the Batman 1966 villains, the Star Wars cast, George Reeves, Arnold, Tom Cruise, Betsy Palmer etc.
 Over here I printed out things that also inspired me.  The 1983 Atlanta Braves for one.  Albert Einstein is one my wifey picked out.  She loves him.
 I have Christopher Reeve, Lon Chaney JR., Pee Wee Herman, Roddy McDowell, Lou Ferrigno, Harrison Ford..
 Stan Lee, Ronald Mcdonald...Yes he really does have an autograph...The cast of JAWS and Arnold Schwarzeneggar. I moved Arnold here from the first pic to fit a refridgerator there.
 This wall has some of the cast of Dukes of Hazzard, The Scooby Doo cast, the Droids, and Nicholas Hammond...Spiderman!

I paid about $2 for them.  One to print the image and the other for the frame.  It makes better sense to me to get these then real ones when in effect...these ARE real autographs.  Just printed ones.  Got Adam West, Vincent Price, and the legendary Hulk Hogan...

Again...LOVE making my own things!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


So I saw over at Wrestlingfigs a crane camera that the new FlexForce line came out with.  Well....Since we get NOTHING down here in Mexico....I decided to make my own!
This is the pic!  I saw the crane in the left hand corner.  What an awesome display piece.
 He made it bigger than the official one but hey, that is fine by me!
 Such fun to finally have one!  My little arena is coming together.  I have been doing these custom projects with him since April of 2013!  Almost a year now.  Still not quite finished yet.
I put this little figure in the shot to give it some scale.  Oh yeah!  Playing with the big boys now!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


To make an arena surely come to life one needs the ingrediants to make it so.  Since I have NO cameras I decided to make my own!  I showed my guy the pic below...
Seems like it would be hard to do right?
 He made the standing camera almost exactly how it should be!  IT is great!  IT even swivels!
This is the other side of it.  Molded out of wood I believe.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I hope to add to it one day.  These are toys that I loved as a kid and was able to reacquire...My new years resolution is to add more toys or books from my childhood.  So....I will be stopping the custom wrestling playsets for awhile.
Keep in mind that this is not the final shelf for them!  I am going to have an epic nostalgia shelf made one day.  So this area is temporary.  Thanks again to Kevin for Walrus Man and Hammerhead.  What great nostalgia they gave me!   The rest of these I found in Mexico.  Battlecat sans harness is frustrating.  I have found 3 in the wild here.  The Huge Hulk figure just keeps getting better to look at each day!  It was made during the height of the Bill Bixby show.  I had a blast restoring the shirt to him.  If I find old toys without clothes I plan on restoring them as well.  My only Secret Wars figure is luckily my namesake!  The Hobgoblin!  This is the one figure that truly captured Stern's run in Amazing Spiderman.

So that is it.  Due to my house burning down and the neighborhood kids ransacking the house all those years ago...Not to mention the great sell off when Dad died, all of these are toys I had in my childhood.

I gotta tell ya, sometimes I get a little jealous after seeing other people's blogs and what they have.  I had all of it too long ago.  This year I gotta get my butt in gear and get some of that stuff back.  Thanks to all the blogs I comment on showcasing your toys.  Many I remember and some I see for the first time.

The one I relate to most is Reis.  He and I are around the same age and he has alot of the stuff that I had as a kid.  I hope one day to have a collection like he does.

To a successful 2014!

Monday, January 20, 2014

My GLASS collection...

I found the four hero ones at Target last year.  The Superman man one I found at a comic shop.  It is the classic 1978 version.  The spock one is from the new movie at Burger King in Mexico.

I love the Target ones!  I gotta get more one day.  I have seen the Marvel ones but have not been to the states in over a year.  Arghhh!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I didn't live this period of WCW because I watched the WWF too much.  Apparantly WCW wanted a new adversary for their guy Sting.  A character the Black Scorpion was created.  The guy that was supposed to be him bowed out according to the Four Horsemen DVD and someone else was put in his place.
Gee I wonder who that could be?
 A man is interupting Hogan's promo!  That has to be the black scorpion!
 Eh my camera SUCKS!  Oh well....The Black Scorpion up close!  I also gotta get another crowd shot going.  This one is just a little small.
 It's it's Ric Flair!  Flair is the black scorpion!
 He has suckered Hogan into a fight!  What is this?  Fellow Horsemen Sid is entering the ring!

They are beating the crap out of Hogan!

Making these clothes for my wrestling figures is a dream come true.  I have about 14 more I am going to do and that will be the end for me.  14 more at about one per week is just around 3 more months of this.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Remember before my artist made the DX fireworks...Well, I felt I needed something different.  I am trying to make my arenas come to life with customs no one has ever done before.
So what did my artist come up with?
Wow!  Wish I had an Ultimate Warrior figure to go with it....Oh well.  Maybe this year...

Friday, January 17, 2014


I am a Seinfeld fan!  I have all of the show on DVD.  So........I was thrilled to find this little item in Mexico.

 I put a PEZ Dispenser on her leg!  IT is the tweety one from Seinfeld!  So happy to have it!
She is making it clap just like Jerry did.  HAHA....

Yeah I get excited over the little things I find here.  Since there are NO frickin action figures a blogger has to make do with what he can find...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Holy crap!  I never thought this would happen!  I knew something was going on because the figures were getting released but man....Now I can ditch Youtube and watch them whenever I want.  I HOPE they include subtitles in spanish so wifey can see it!

Now I own the movie and whenever I need a Batman fix I watch that well...NO MORE!  The whole series is going to be released.  I will buy them all.  Even the dreadful season 3.  Now it makes me want to collect the figures...


I had all of the cereal bobbleheads from Funko when my father died.  I sold them all off in my most massive purge.  Wish I had not been a witness back then..I found this little guy on Ebay for a dollar a couple of years ago and decided to get him.

I wish I had all the cereal ones again.  Ah....perhaps one day...I had Funko Blox, and most of their other stuff...The Bobbleheads though are awesome!  Also the new Reaction figures...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Yes...This is the shirt that started my fascination with making custom shirts for myself.  Back in 2001 I was living in Atlanta and wanted a WM3 Tshirt made for myself.  Wrestlemania 3 was my first WM.  It had it all and is still my favorite mania to this day.  The characters were all great etc.  I was a Huge HOGAN fan then.  I wanted to commermorate the event.  The shirt guys in Atlanta said I had to do a minimum of 30 orders before they would touch it.  Well....

SCREW YOU!  Because thanks to Mexico I now have one!
I even thought to put the entire card on the back.  Whoa!
I am so jazzed about it.  Love that my artist even put glowing blue around Hogan and Andre.

Monday, January 13, 2014


All my life I have always wanted my own Aquarium.  I think because both my brothers had aquariums or something like that.  My favorite part is always the stuff inside of them.

So I bought one in Texas a few years ago and had my metal guy custom design a metal base for it.  It has handles at both ends to pull it around and WHEELS on the bottom of it.  I love the little blue diver guy.  I want to make a custom Creature of the Black Lagoon one day to put in the tank.
Look at those wheels!  So it could be posistioned next to any outlet in the house.  I can always change it.  It is not a static tank!  I love my guy!  And it has two big doors with two shelves for keeping all kinds of Aquarium stuff.

This was early in our time in Mexico.  I traded our stove for my metal guy to make it.  Heck we didn't need a crappy stove anyways since we had the cafe make all our food.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I used to have the entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes books.  I sold them when I lost my dear father.  Wish I had not.  I still love the character and hope to get the books again one day.
 Oh yeah!  Calvin for president.  I think we all can appreciate that!  I plan to do another shirt one day of him and Hobbes hanging out.  I just gotta get some plain tshirts as I have run out and cannot go to the U.S. right now.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Terrfic trade- Union Jack!

The last item I got in the trade is Union Jack and the Spiderman movie base.  Looks pretty good even if my pics do not.

There.  Side shot is better.

I first learned a little about Union Jack from this Cap issue from the early eighties.  I think that is the only issue I ever read of him.