Monday, December 23, 2013


Ok...I have a few people that read this blog that are into GI Joe more than I am.  That is a matter of geography though and personal messups on my part.

So I have a question....WHAT would you do if you could do customs for the 3.75 inch GI Joe line?
I have thought of only one so far.  This...
I think it would be an awesome creation.  But hopefully I plan to move away from Mexico and get a little place in Florida, or Georgia....With woods outback.  I was thinking of doing a Bivouac kind of thing.

Anyway I place the question to you guys.  What would you do?  My artist can do just about anything mind you.


  1. What about a stepped pyramid with the snake on the top? The Cobras had bases in the jungle like that many times in the cartoon. That thrown is pretty awesome.

  2. The throne would be awesome,but seeing as how talented your guy is,how about making the pit according to the first G.I. Joe comic issue.I almost took a crack at it and might still in the future. Its basically just a flat surface with separate training sections and should be easy to create.I can put up pics if youd like.

  3. I like the throne for Cobra Commander but what about a 3 or 4 level PIT command base now that would be epic.

  4. That gigantic blue Cobra airship thing at the beginning of the cartoon ! Make it big enough to play with but double as a coffee table !!

  5. Ok...You guys have to think SMALLER!