Thursday, December 5, 2013


THIS is a doozy!  After doing all my customs with my artist I wanted to do something REALLY cool.  An awesome playset.  The boiler room brawl.  To my knowledge there were only two in WWF history.  Both involving Mankind!  I wanted something with two levels on it.  Not just one.  I wanted a place to play up above.
 Look at the frickin SIZE of this thing!  OMG!  It is twice the size of a Real Scale Ring!
 That is Raymundo the artist of this monster!
 Uh oh!  The undertaker has engaged Mankind in the boiler room!  They are fighting it out!  OOPS!  High Voltage is spelled wrong.  Gotta fix that one.
 Mankind puts Undertaker's face in the toxic waste!  UGHHH!  YUCK!
 Mankind is choking Taker up on the catwalk!  OMG!  Take a look at the clock in the background.  So funny!
 They are brawling all over this dirty looking boiler room!
Oh no!  Undertaker is shoving his head into the circuitry board...Check out the caution yellow tape on the floor.
 Taker is chasing Mankind up the staircase....Oh my!
To close out the match Taker pins Mankind with a chokehold on top of some tanks.  HAHA!  Check out the headphones!  Not to mention the brown staining done on the pipes!
 Whaddya know?  It even works as a playset for a 6 inch Batman!
 Batman takes out the scum of Gotham City!
 Uh oh!  He meets the Icey Mr. Freeze!
 I cannot BELIEVE how big this thing is!  Wifey is gonna kill me!
Wow!  Look at my face!  I will definitely be logging alot of miles on this incredible playset.  Check out the guns too.  Not bad for a 41 year old man!


  1. Just wow! Amazing playset and the size of it just has my eyes bugging out.

  2. oh my god! That thing is crazy. You post about the down side of living in Mexico sometimes, but these crazy play sets make me almost want to give up living here in the US and join you in Mexico.

  3. Simon!That guy should be working for HASBRO!

  4. Place an accent over the "o".