Saturday, November 23, 2013


I was feeling nostalgia for my youth.  I know I have been making my own things which has been completely awesome mind you....But sometimes I want some things that other companies make.  I was thinking back to 1990 - the rest of my life.  When I got involved in bodybuilding.

I got this book Ultimate bodybuilding.  Read it daily, worked out etc.  I think I have said on this blog about my house burning down.  Some bastards broke into it and burned it down.  Many theories abound as to who it was but.....We never found out.  Anyway this book was among the burnt up pieces.

I finally splurged $10 to get one from Amazon.

22 YEARS LATER!  I finally have it again.  Screw you burning down theiving buttholes!  I have it again! 

It is time to start working out again like a madman.  


  1. House fire is one of my biggest fears.

  2. Why is this picture of Isaac on the cover of that book?!

  3. I remember chugging those God awful weight gainer shakes so I can buff up.....too bad I didnt know that I could just get a wife who can cook real well and get older :)