Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist U,X,Y,Z DVD's I want!

I will do the final on movie DVD's of W next week.  This week I manage to get 4 letters of the alphabet in my wishlist.

1. Under the Rainbow- I remember this movie on HBO back in the day.  I remember at the end of the movie some midget dies in Germany or something.

2.Unfaithfully yours- I just love Dudley Moore.

3. Up the Academy- My father and I loved this film and would quote it often to each other.

4. Up the Creek- Flounder is in this one.  That is all.

5. Xmen first class 2- It is not out yet...But I KNOW I will want it.

6. Yellow Submarine- A classic.  Wish I had the Mcfarlane toys.

7. Young Guns- The brat pack version of the old west.

8. Young Guns 2- Even better than the first one.

9. Zombieland-  I have not seen this yet.  Heard it was great.


  1. Love the cover art for Up The Creek they really don't making like that anymore and it's a shame.

  2. Only Star Wars even comes close to painted poster work.