Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- TH movies I want part 1

Yeah I cheated here.  I put movies that have a THE in the title as their own catagory.  So without furthur more let's get started....
1. The Ackermonster Chronicles- Owning a Monster Cafe and not having this is criminal.  He STARTED the idea of being a fan of something. 

2. The Black Hole- Disney's attempt to cash in on Star Wars.  I thought it was great but knew even in 1979 that it was a ripoff.

3. The Blob remake- This was a well thought out remake of the original and in my mind, superior.

4. The Blob- Gotta have the original.

5. The Boys next door- This was the first play I was in that was made into a TV movie.  I played the part better of course....

6. The Cannonball Run- This was on HBO sometimes.  I hated it at the time.

7. The Comeback- I am a HUGE Pumping Iron fan.  I have not seen this however but it stars Arnold.  What is not to love?

8. The Count of Monte Cristo- a great little film.  Very well acted.  

9. The Deliberate Stranger- Another movie about Ted Bundy.  Gotta own it!  

10. The Earthling- One of my favorite movies of alltime.  A boy's story about growing up really fast.

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