Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist TH DVD's I want part 2

Here is the second part of the TH releases....Movies with a THE in the title.  These are my must own DVD titles.  Hopefully if Proteccion Civil will crawl out of my ass I will have money for these one day.
1. THE Elephant Man- What an awesome movie this was!  Black and White compliments it so well.

2. THE Game- I had no idea what this movie was about when I first went into see it with my father.  We loved it.  

3. THE Golden Child- A must have.  I, I. I. I, want  the knife....

4. THE Hobbit- The animated movie was a childhood memory of mine.  I even had the Power Record of it.

5. The Hobbit- I have not seen the new part of the Trilogy.  I am sure it is a must buy though.

6. THE Howling- Scared the crap out of me as a kid.  Gotta get it.  First Werewolf movie that was really mainstream after the Wolfman.

7. THE hunchback of Notre Dame- Hey I run a Monster Cafe.  Gotta own this.

8. THE Island- Saw it many a time on HBO.  Very disturbing.

9. THE Lion King- Yeah I don't even have this yet.

10. THE man without a face- Mel Gibson goes ugly in this good movie.  


  1. What was The Island about?Looks pretty good.

    1. Pirates that live on an island...They raid ships and kidnap people to have sex with because the Pirates are becoming inbred over the years and they need fresh meat to expand the gene pool. It is a wild ride.

    2. OOOH a Pirates of the Caribbean/ Deliverance hybrid ! Pass me the popcorn ;)

  2. I love the Lion King. I have the cartoon Hobbit on DVD and VHS.

  3. Just let my son watch the animated Hobbit and he loves it ! I absolutley love that movie !!!

    1. Found the animated Lord of the rings here but not the Hobbit yet.

  4. Cool ... I will Send "The Hobbit" (VHS).... and the "Lord of the Rings" was only the First Two Books ....Rankin and Bass Did the Final Book "Return of the Kings... I will send it as well (DVD)...Box is getting larger my Friend....