Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD's I want THE part 3

 So we are at the last part....Part 3 of THE!  Here goes...
1. THE Muppet Movie- Every kid saw this in 1979.  I was no exception.  Have not found anything muppety down here in Saltillo.

2. THE Notebook- Saw this movie after Dad died.  Broke my heart.  I was in tears leaving the theater with my then GF Jill.  Whatever happened to her?

3. THE Pack- This was also on HBO back in the day.  Killer dogs.  I still love dogs to this day though.

4. THE Rescuers- The original is great.  1978 I think it was.  Didn't care much for the sequel.  But hey...This DVD comes with both!

5. THE Running Man- Arnold at his finest.  Hey Christmas Tree!

6. THE Seduction- This movie made me horny as a kid.  Seriously.  Got me all tittlulated.

7. THE Stepfather- The sleeper hit of 1988.  Dad and I loved this film.  Waitaminute...Who am I here?

8. THE Sword and the Sorcerer- Someone's attempt to cash in on the Conan craze.  Sadly probably will never be released on DVD.

9. THE World according to Garp- I liked this quirky little film.  

10. THE Thing- This is the prequel of 2012.  Gotta see it.  And hey I needed a number 10.

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