Friday, October 25, 2013

My Seinfeld custom made shirt!

Yeah....I have been making my own Tshirts for awhile now.  Mexico is the land of making stuff for me!  I have been making the wrestling playsets, wrestling clothes and now my own Tshirts!

I have wanted to make my own Tshirts for quite some time now.  I tried in Atlanta to do it.  I wanted to make my own Wrestlemania 3 shirt only to be told I needed to do 30 before they would even attempt it.  Well now I can!
I found this image on Google and wanted to put the logo on it as well.  This is what I have!  WHOOO!

I love it.  I love Seinfeld.  Be on the watch for more I will show.


  1. Cool now where are the Monster Cafe shirts? : )

  2. Love it. Please keep posting more. The design is pretty interesting. Excited to see more of it on your next post. :)

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