Monday, October 14, 2013

League Assignment- My biggest regret..

Why did I buy that? Why did I sell that? My biggest regret is… 

Man...I have some BIG regrets in my life.  I regret EVER giving money to Ruth Harris that witch!  8 years later and still no payback.  But as far as toy related goes...

I regret selling my toy collection when my father passed away.  I had it all!
I had all the Toybiz figures.  All of them!  I would have kept them to use for the Marvel Universe figures that came a few years later.  I would give my left nut to have my Brood, Sauron, Onslaught and others back.  I had also jumped back into the Star Wars game.  I had a nice little carded collection going of episode 2 figures.  Not to mention my Jakks wrestling figures.
My Amazing Spiderman books.  I ALMOST had them all.  Sold them all when he died.  I sold them to be a better JW.  What a fool I was!  I have two of them back that I found in Texas.  Issues 221 and 232.  REALLY wanting the others back though.  Ughh...Had 2 long boxes full of them.

My Marvel Essentials.  Again.  Had ALL of them that had been made until 2004.  Even the Conan one.  I miss them so much.  I have 5 again.  I am missing probably 100 now though.  
My Power Record collection.  I had them all.  In 2002 I had started to gather toys from my childhood.  Today they would cost a hell of alot to get back.  I am so mad at myself.
Like I mentioned with the Power Records, I was just starting to get back toys from my childhood.  I had acquired Krusher a few months before he died.  I sold him back on Ebay as well. 

I also sold my father's paintings, his books, his drafting table etc.  I was an idiot.  No one comforted me after he died.  No one told me to slow down.  To not make any decisions for a year.  I was alone.  It was horrible.  I was in alot of pain.  Thank God my new wifey pulled me out of it.

But one day my ship will come in and I WILL have my collection back.  I love making my own things now though.  It is quite rewarding.

One more thing I really regret is this.  Moving to Mexico when they punish their citizens by not allowing them to defend themselves with guns.  It is a CRIME!  Check out the following article.
When guns are outlawed then ONLY the criminals will have guns.

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  1. I have had to sell a few beloved items too in my life out of necessity. It's a shame you had to part so many cool items. Especially, the Power Records. I used to love those and would listen to them for hours. I still have a few of mine intact. The others were warped and ruined when I left them near a window where the sun shined in.

    1. I guess I didn't have to sell them but in my mind if I couldn't share my collection with my father then I would rather not have it. But then again the Jehovah Witnesses taught me that Armaggeddon was RIGHT around the corner so I thought I would be in paradise in a few short months. It has been over 10 years now and nothing. False prophets.

  2. The great guy that Stacey sold a Lot of my things to (Very cheaply) committed suicide... and I was the one who had to spend two month inventorying His vast collection....
    less than three months before that my case worker ( Who got me the "Santa Joker" Figure) also committed suicide
    I sold them to him so that I could still come by a view them....

  3. Sorry good Sir Hobgoblin ...we are in misery for now ...and the delay of your "Box" ( which will now be much larger)... will be well worth the wait... we are still gathering more "Sta Wars" pieces to enclose ...just to help out a fellow collector... your friend

    1. Thanks so much! But my guy is losing his P.O. box in December. So just send it before then. Muchas gracias!

  4. It gets shipped tomorrow or Friday .... had to find you some Star Wars Stuff...