Monday, October 7, 2013

League Assignment- Here comes Halloween!

League of Extraordinary bloggers presents- Here comes Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite time of year.  Heck I did a Monster Cafe based on my love of it.  I love it all.  Mainly these images from my childhood though.
Beistle cardboard cutouts.  They SCREAM Halloween to me.  I love the old vintage look of them.  This year I almost did a giant sign outside of Monster Cafe with these images to use for our Halloween promotion.  But alas, we were running short on cash.  Maybe next year.

Blowmolds of all things halloween.  I have ONE which I have featured on this blog before.  I love it.  Anything that lights up and is Halloweeny I would love to buy.

Oh lanterns- I never owned one.  I should have my artist make one one day though as on Ebay they are EXPENSIVE!

Ben Cooper costumes-  I was Spidey above one year.  Believe it or not in Mexico there are STILL reproductions of the masks put out every year.  I have some hanging up in Monster Cafe.  So cool to have again.
These Applause company Halloween figures.  Particularly that coffin.  I love em!  None down here but who knows....Maybe one day.
And finally this.  THIS was my halloween memory!  Imagineering Vampire blood.  For some reason the art captivated me on this little tube.  Never owned any of the other products they made.  Just this.  This was all I needed.

I should mention food and monster movies but I figure someone else will tackle those.

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  1. I miss those vintage Halloween cardboard decorations. I had the cat and owl, and now I remember a skeleton as well. I loved when we would bring them down to decorate and pose them ourselves. Thanks for bringing back a god memory. :)

  2. Man this post was GREAT! I love every single thing you've posted here, and seeing them all collected together here just makes me feel like this is my one-stop for the oncoming holiday.

  3. Used to have that Spider-Man costume as a kid.

  4. I have that mask in well loved condition.

  5. I love vintage Halloween decorations and costumes. I have started collecting more of them myself.

  6. Those pictures sure bring back a lot of memories, I’m a big fan of Halloween,and have even wrote a Halloween Horror book, you can see the trailer for it at: