Sunday, October 13, 2013

General Mills blog features the cafe in a liberal kind of way...

Around two weeks ago I commented on the Retroist blog that I sell bowl fulls of the Monster Cereals in the Monster Cafe.  Well a rep contacted me to tell my story and to take a couple of pics of kids eating the cereal.  So finally last week some kids came into the restaurant and we asked their parents if it would be ok to take a pic of them posing with the Monster Cereal.  Here they are below...

I even put myself in the one above to get my mug on the blog....

But then I get this email from the rep...

Hi Matthew,
Here's the post 
Unfortunately, we couldn't show the cute customers. Needed mom or dad's permission. 
Nonetheless, it's a great story!
Thank you for sharing!
Amanda Grayson


Does she think I grabbed some street urchins off the street and forced them to pose at gunpoint?  
The fricking parents are standing RIGHT there out of frame! 
 Does she expect me to have the parents write her IN spanish mind you and also may not have internet to let her know it is ok to photograph the kids?  
Hell I could make up any email I wanted to and done it.  
And to give an extreme example...
I am sure that when photographers in Africa photograph starving children that they do not ask the parent to sign a waiver because National Geographic might be sued....LORD have mercy.

Hell I could have lied and said that they were my own children...

THAT is liberalism my friends.  It is a disease of the U.S.