Tuesday, October 1, 2013

False alarm...

What Civil protection wants is for us to change our entrance doors into doors that can be opened from the outside.  AND to have a second exit installed in the cafe.  Well.  I did a looksee around town today and found that EVERY SINGLE business with the exception of two had doors that opened from the inside like us AND had no alternative exit.  Hmm.....

I forget that I am living in Mexico sometimes.  I can be naive at times and take people at their word.  Comes from my JW upbringing.

The REAL meaning of "we are gonna close your place in 10 days if you don't do this or that"  was because Civil Protection wants........


So that is the underlying CRAP they are putting me through.  It is in Mexico and it is called the Mordida or loosely translated....THE BITE!

They didn't actually ASK that as that is against the law.  But we all know now.  A friend at another bar let me in on it.

Yes they want to take a bite out of me.  For me to slip them money to make this all go away.  Well sorry sailor.  Monster Cafe Saltillo doesn't play that way.  We are getting a lawyer.

We are going to fight this.


  1. Well we met with them today....Turns out we are going to the boss' boss! All of the crap they just tried to get me to do is null and void because my building was an existing structure.

  2. Good fo you Sir Hobgoblin... your package is to be mailed on Monday... We were out of funds...