Sunday, October 20, 2013

Custom WWF Narcissist Lex Luger debut!

I really really really wanted to do the Boiler room next but with this gestapo Civil proteccion crap I have had to endure here in Saltillo I had to order something on my list that was a little cheaper.  Hence, this...
I missed Lex Luger's debut entirely!  I stopped watching the WWF in 1991 because I went to college.  I didn't pick it back up until 1993 September.  By then Luger had changed his gimmick to the All American guy.  Let's see what my artist came up with....
Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Wish I had the giant silver curtain to go with it but I didn't think it could work.

Bobby Heenan gushing over Lex was a little weird for me.
You love yourself don't you Lex!  Show the people a little more.  Don't tease us Lex.
I present to you the humonids, the NarCISSIST Lex Luger.  I always found it funny that Heenan couldn't say NARcissist...
Oh no!  Mr. Perfect has attacked Lex!  He pushed down Bobby Heenan!

I am SURE this is a custom no one ever thought was coming....HAHA

And since yesterday I posted it "where it belongs" in the Custom Accessory forum at and no one has commented.

Thanks to Mod John Zero for being a petty little pit stain for keeping the on life support Jakks forum free from my awesome customs.


  1. Looks like Bobby might be having a heart attack in that last picture.

    1. He sounded like he was going to have one in real life looking at Lex.

  2. Replies
    1. They are REAL mirrors too. My guy had them cut to size.

  3. I remember watching his debut and thinking to myself that Vince McMahon has just ruined another NWA superstar.

    Then I remembered this was Lex Luger and I immediately felt better.

    I actually remember when Luger was in McMahon's short lived WBF, World Bobybuilding Federation.

    1. Yeah but the motorcycle accident messed that one up.