Saturday, October 12, 2013

Custom WWE Andre the Giant suit!

Andre was always wearing those ugly suits back in the day so I wanted one sewn in case I ever did a Piper's pit and show him having an interview....Mother sewed this.  It is a BIT bulky.  Wrong buttons too.  But hey...It's Andre!  I will fix it later.  I think I might even change the pants.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah it is. I have about 70 more to do.

  2. The "Hell Here" gif that posted was about coming home to find my house and collection "trashed"...

  3. If my Dad comes by tomorrow ... we will mail you a bigger box ...included a first release of "Jange Fett In package....been looking for some cool Star Wars Let see what we can find tomorrow mhen we have a bit of light... Hope you enjoy these things Modok included...
    your Friend in Marshville, NC... Stacey / the Doctor...