Saturday, September 28, 2013


There have been a few weddings in a wwf ring...ALL of them have ended tragically.  See I kinda didn't want to do this playset...BUT I am waiting on my metal guy to finish his latest thing but he takes forever and a week sometimes...I mean really.  I ordered two doors back in April.  He has delivered and installed one.  Still waiting on the other.  So I had to give something for my artist to do....

Edge and Lita tried to get married.  Kane interrupted.  Uncle Elmer got married only for it to be spoiled by Bundy and Studd.  Among many other failures...Here is what my designer came up with!
 Oh yeah!  In my universe Jake Roberts and Trish Stratus are a couple.  Stratus helped Jake recover from his demons of alcohol and drugs!
 Since I don't have a standard preacher figure, Brother Love will have to do!  The ceremony is going according to plan.
 Look at that beautiful archway my guy designed!  The whole thing is just awesome!
 Look at the details on the CAKE!  Looks good enough for me to eat!
Who is that on the outside of the ring?

 Wait....What's this?  Kane is coming into the ring!
 Kane is sneaking up behind Jake!  Remember, Kane destroys ALL weddings!
 Oh no!  Kane pushes even the bride down!  What a sadistic son of a B this guy is!
 Kane proceeds to beat the crap out of Jake Roberts with the podium!  Everything on this is glued to the wood base...EXCEPT the podium!  I wanted it to be used by wrestlers...

This wedding set makes me want to cry....No really Wifey and I WANT a wedding like this!  We got married at the courthouse....

So that is it.....For awhile.  No more custom playsets.  Gotta pay off some bills first.  Maybe in another month.


  1. This was one of the set pieces i wasn't expecting from you very nice.

    1. I laughed my butt off when I commissioned it!

  2. Awesome playset.

    My favorite interruption was on Saturday Night's Main Event when Roddy Piper interrupted Uncle Elmer's wedding by just berating Uncle Elmer and his bride from the aisle (he wouldn't get in the ring to do it as Hillbilly Jim, Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff were ready to pounce), screaming that they stunk and the whole wedding stunk. I remember Jesse Ventura getting wedding cake in the face at the end of the show.


    1. I hadn't seen that in years and just put Bundy and Studd as the aggressers.

  3. That is a sweet piece of design. I love the passion you have for the things you love.

    1. Thanks Cal! As soon as I am done with the wrestling world I will tackle other cool things. Mcdonaldland playset, Remco monster house etc.