Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist T DVD movies I want!

Here we are again going down the alphabet and we are on T.  Let's get it done...
1. Tuff Turf- James Spader moves to a new school etc.  I do not remember much about it though.

2. Trick or Treat-  The ORIGINAL Trick or Treat.  Not with that Sam character.  It was a great rebel eighties heavy metal film.

3. Trekkies 2- I have part one.  Gotta see what happens next.

4. Trading Places- a huge hit for the day.  I love it.  

5. Tough Guys- I love the music, the story, etc.  That Sky chick...WHOA!  I would have never left!

6. Time Bandits- What collection would be complete without this?  This fantasy movie was on all the time in HBO's glory days.

7. Taking Care of Business- I just like this film about switching roles in life.  

8. Terror in the Aisles- I saw this at the theater never knowing it was just a clip movie.  Gotta get it one day!

9. Target- Spies, assassins and betrayal!  What a great movie to vege out on.

10. Top Secret- the film right after Airplane but with spies etc.  I still sing like Nick Rivers!


  1. I've caught bits and pieces of time bandits at a time but never saw it in it's entirety.Have to someday Hobby.

  2. TOP SECRET and TRADING PLACES are two of my all time favourite!