Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist S edition DVD I want part 1

I must have these!  

1. Salem's lot- I want the full TV movie.  The entire enchilada!  I have it on VHS and it is severely edited.

2. Saturday the 14th-  This is $40 on frickin Amazon.  That pisses me off!  I really want this film.

3. Searching for Bobby Fischer- Again...It is $60 on Amazon.  What is going on?  The DVD is going out because of Blu-Ray.  Why are these DVD's so frickin expensive?

4. She's having a baby- The music alone is for me to buy this one.

5. Shockwaves- Saw this LATE at night on the Movie Channel.  Nazi zombies.  What can you not love?
6. Sid and Nancy- this was my bible back in 1987.  I was a punk kid and followed this movie almost every day.

7. Silver Bullet-  I just watched this on Youtube the other day.  Like it that this DVD comes with the Dead Zone.  

8. Six Weeks-  Why this hasn't been released I will never know.  It is such a sweet movie with Moore hot off of his Arthur fame.

9. Surburbia-  Another one that was my punk Bible when I was a kid.  It is also on Youtube.

10. Somewhere in time-  You want to romance your wife?  This IS the movie for you.
Bonus...Student bodies-  The movie kind of sucks.  But man did it suck me in the movie channel whenever it would come on.


  1. What are you going to do when you get through the alphabet?

    1. I will think up another wishlist. The wishes are long amigo!

  2. Is six weeks the one where the little girl dies from cancer?If so I think I cried a little as a kid watching it.

    1. Yes it is! So awesomely sad and well acted. But alas...Not on DVD and probably will never be on Blu Ray either.

  3. I love Shock Waves (1977).

    "The Best of the Nazi Zombie Movies," doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence in its overall quality, though, does it?

    1. I suppose not but I was scared shitless back in the day.