Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD S edition part 2

This is DVD's I am craving S edition part 2!  These are must haves.

1. Seems like old times-  An HBO staple from my youth.  And I cannot remember a damn thing about it.

2. Shane- My father's favorite western.  I liked it a little too.  But getting it is mostly to remember him.

3. She's out of control- I thought the girl was hot.  Good story and anyone can relate to.  Especially me.  I was kinda nerdy in early high school then turned hot later on in life.

4. Silver Streak- Seeing Wilder dress up like a black man was so funny to me as a kid.

5. Simon- This was on HBO.  I remember it being quirky.  

6. Sister Act-  The singing is beautiful.  Never saw part 2 but hey it comes with this DVD.

7. Superman Man of Steel- I have the other ones.  Even the craptastic part 4 quest for peace.  I have not seen this.  Hope it is worth my money.

8. Snow white- It is a classic.  Must get.

9. Some kind of Wonderful-  This like Pretty in pink defined the eighties for me.

10. Son in law-  Dad and I used to laugh at this movie so much.  Shore does a good job here.  Uh uh...Crap..."No it's Crawl sir.."

Bonus...Starman- Beautiful film.