Saturday, September 14, 2013

Score Saturday- New DVDS! Finally!

Oh yeah....So I can cross 2 of my list of 400 I am wanting...
Braveheart- 35 pesos!  That is like $2!  WHOOO!  Love it.  Been looking for a LONG time.

Skyfall- This completes my James Bond collection for now.  I have all of them.  Even Never say never again.

Also picked up the Rose.  Not on my list but Wifey LOVES Janis Joplin which this movie is based on.
Also THIS was there!  The first WWE magazine in ENGLISH here in Saltillo that I have ever seen!  I didn't buy it though.  It was $12.  

One more thing...GROUND TURKEY!  They actually had ground turkey!  Now I can have guilt free hamburger helper but with turkey!!!  Man...I am finding more and more reasons to stay right here.  

I just hope to visit the states in October!


  1. Replies
    1. As we get old I worry about the red meat thingie. Ground Turkey gives me the opportunity to enjoy hamburgers etc.