Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reaction and Funko team up!

They are teaming up to bring us the Alien original Kenner figures to us...AND they lowered the cost.  I might just have to bite and get these. Especially since they will make Parker, Lambert, and Ash. They have announced other lines such as Goonies, Aliens, Terminator, Bill and Ted, Buffy the TV show, Firefly etc.  The Terminator and Aliens ones seem like a good choice but the others I wouldn't waste my time on.  Who would really get down and play the Goonies?  And Bill, Buffy, Firefly were not even AROUND the time this kenner style of figure was around.  Odd choicds...

What SHOULD they do?  If I had a wishlist....
1. Superfriends-  Made in this style would be a dream come true.  I would want them all.  Including a 10 inch tall Apache Chief.  The Superfriends were around when the old Kenner was doing this style of figs.  Anyone remember the Mego versions?  Mego didn't hardly tap the line though.  I am sure Funko and ReAction could make it happen.  
2. Star Wars- Kenner did them yes....But they left out ALOT from the movie.  Moff Tarkin etc.  We need those in the Kenner style.  
3. Friday the 13th- Hell....This line is for collectors anyway right?  The original Friday movie and part 2 would be awesome to have figures for.  I would even commission my artist to make an awesome cabin playset for these!

Those would be my top three for figures.  Too frickin cool!  But alas...No one ever listens to me.


  1. I think it will be cool to have the main characters from a bunch of classic Sci-Fi and Horror movies all in the same style.

  2. I am -so- okay with Kenner-style Bill & Ted figures, especially if they do a set based on Bogus Journey. Would love a William Sadler version of Death -and- who wouldn't want Rufus? The world needs a George Carlin toy, like, now.

    1. I enjoy the movies! No doubt about that. Got them both on DVD...But Bill and Ted figures are as useless as the Mego Love Boat figures. I just don't see much play value there.

  3. I'm getting those ALIEN figures for sure!