Tuesday, September 3, 2013

McDonaldland could be coming!

I have never won anything good in my life.  I once won a contest on Canoe a canadian wrestling site, that promised a Tshirt if you answered a wrestling question correctly.  I answered the question and thought nothing of it.  Hot damn a new T shirt came in the mail.  Was SO hoping for a Bret Hart shirt or another wrestling Canadian hero....What I got was a crappy shirt with the Canoe logo emblazoned on the front.  How BORING!  Sorry Cal....But really....

So I entered another contest this time at the Goodwill Geek blog.  I came in second place but hey!  Something is something!  I won a Huckleberry toys Mayor McCheese!  OH boy....Love it!  Have not received it yet as it just happened yesterday but man my mind is going again.  I LOVE the wrestling stuff I am making mind you.  It is a dream come true...But now that Mayor McCheese is coming...I think my next project will be the old Remco McDonaldland playset.

 Darn you Goodwill Geek!  You have started me on another collection!!!!!!  I will not be doing the train as I don't think my artist could handle something that complex....But I will make the base out of wood.  I think I will change it up a bit.  Make the little hamburger guys in 2 dimension.  Gotta have 3 trees....Oh heck though...This really cuts into my wrestling project thingie....Oh but man....It will be done one day.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! I am a Mcdonalds freak....Just not a collector as of yet.

  2. Sounds like a fun change of pace.

    1. Yes. The Camp Crystal Lake sign was a definite different thing.

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    1. I hope ya read it Mike. The Mcdonaldland is not the prize but rather Mayor McCheese is.

  4. Have Not seen these "Mego-style" figures or this Play-set since we were a little kid ... Cool...!!!