Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 years feels like an eternity...


It has gotten easier though.  My father's death was the single most life changing experience I have ever had.  I had been a wreck for years.  It was one of the reasons I moved to Mexico.  Everywhere in Atlanta reminded me of him.  I was so close to offing myself so many times due to enormous depression.

10 years now.  He was my champion, my provider, and my best friend.  I felt like half a human for years.  Even during my marriage of almost 7 years now.  The last two years have been better though.  I don't dream about him as much as I used to.  I thought life could not go on without him.  Especially since the JW's said Armaggeddon was any day now.  I was living on the edge.  Thinking I would see my father any day.  It was all bullshit though.

But like I said, life is better today.  I have a successful business and a lovely wife.  No debts etc.  So what is next?  Getting old.  Then my own death.  But I will accumulate as much toys as possible before the shithouse goes up in flames!  Yeah I just totally ripped off Jim Morrison there.

Love ya Dad!
Robert Green Architect-Studied personally with Frank Lloyd Wright
April 2nd 1935-September 17th 2003

Miss you so much it hurts.  But I am better today than 10 years ago.  Wish you could see my cafe.
 Geez we look alike!
The above pics are of Dad when he was around 17.  My cousin Jackie sent me them.  She is about the only family of real blood I have left.


  1. We do Not get to "get old"...
    My mother's death on her 60th birthday was very bad on "Stacey"....
    Still have not really "come to terms" with Her passing..

    1. I guess the only thing we can do is try to take care of ourselves the best we can.

  2. It's hard to deal with things like this and sometimes you don't recover like you would like but have heart and stay strong Hobby. You are doing well and have a great life am sure your dad would be smiling and happy for you if he was here. : )

  3. He would have been proud Hobby!He might have disagreed with some of your controversial Thursdays,but nonetheless extremely proud ;)