Friday, August 16, 2013


To tell you the truth, I hesitated before commissioning this to be made.  It was a match that was only done twice to my knowledge, both at Summerslams!  1998 and 1999 respectively.  AND all I have is a camera phone which absolutely sucks for good photos.
 I thought about doing an arena to be honest BUT....I like to do things differently as most of you know.  I like to make things that no one else is doing. I mean hell I made a Hogpen match already.  This has never  been done before and if I ever get into MMA then I will already have the playset.  Besides I will do an arena one day.  My Bash at the Beach SURELY qualifies for being one already...So here goes...
 Well there it is in all it's glory.  I LOVE IT!  So fricking cool.  All made of metal.  My guy did a great job!
 The referee is ready to call the action!
 He here is preparing to open the door.
 It even has a locking mechanism!!!  Man my metal guy is FRICKING cool!

Here are Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock duking it out in the Lion's Den!
The Green light gives it an arena type effect...
I love how the door opens in the middle!

I know it is not entirely accurate but it is my version.  I did less posts in between cage parts.  I also put the laddar for the referee to climb up to watch the fight.  It always bothered me how he got up there...  And I decided to have it with six sides instead of a circle up top.

I will take better pics once I have a REAL frickin camera.

Let me know what you think.



  1. Hey, that turned out really nice. It reminds me a little of the one Star Wars Carbonite Freeze Chamber Playset.

    1. HAHA! Yeah I could go full retard and start doing Star Wars stuff...AFTER the wrestling stuff of course! WHOOOO!

  2. Totally forgot about those Lion Den matches Hobby.

    1. I have written out every playset there ever was in wrestling and am in the process of making them all.