Friday, August 30, 2013


Well since only ONE guy voted....The barber shop is the clear winner.  THANKS JOHN! The only problem is not doing a barber shop chair.  I cannot find my metal guy.  But if I do find him he can make one no prob.
The Barber Shop was hosted by Brutas Beefcake.  I have no idea why.  Talk shows are USUALLY given to guys that are superb on the microphone.  So here ya go!

  Roddy Piper,  Jake Roberts, Brother Love, etc.  How Paul Bearer and Brutas Beefcake ever got one is beyond me.  But oh well.  The Barber Shop is famous for one thing. 

 The heel turn of Shawn Micheals against Marty Jannetty...
 I did not see this live.  Or taped at the time.  I saw it around a year and a half later.  I had discovered girls in 1991 and didn't pick up watching again until the summer of 1993.  I haven't stopped since.  So I MISSED the heel turn.  Also missed Flair's original run...oh well...
 Shawn Micheals had had it with Jannetty's messing up of the tag team.  Blowing spots.  A famous one was in Survivor Series 1991.  So he superkicks him!

He then picks him up by a head of his hair to throw him threw the barber shop window! are not going there.  The Barber Shop window on my custom is a full sheet of plastic glass.  It is not breakable.

Uh oh!  Got caught playing with my little dolls again.  It is time to go back to time out!

My artist is making something else after this.  CARE to guess what it is?  You will never guess...

Rest assured I will NEVER commission a Missy's Manor.  That show sucked.  And so did Hyatt...


  1. Replies
    1. I said before that I was done but man...this set is SO cool I gotta do more!

  2. Yes! The Barber Shop playset is now a reality i love it. : )

    1. You were the only one who voted!!! I had to do it. Next one is a little on the small side. After that I am going big again.

  3. Neat set!Your guy is pretty sick!Cobra Commanders throne!Ya gotta do it ;)

    1. I had that on my list at one time but since I have only ONE Gi Joe figure it doesn't make sense for me to do it now.