Friday, August 30, 2013


Well since only ONE guy voted....The barber shop is the clear winner.  THANKS JOHN! The only problem is not doing a barber shop chair.  I cannot find my metal guy.  But if I do find him he can make one no prob.
The Barber Shop was hosted by Brutas Beefcake.  I have no idea why.  Talk shows are USUALLY given to guys that are superb on the microphone.  So here ya go!

  Roddy Piper,  Jake Roberts, Brother Love, etc.  How Paul Bearer and Brutas Beefcake ever got one is beyond me.  But oh well.  The Barber Shop is famous for one thing. 

 The heel turn of Shawn Micheals against Marty Jannetty...
 I did not see this live.  Or taped at the time.  I saw it around a year and a half later.  I had discovered girls in 1991 and didn't pick up watching again until the summer of 1993.  I haven't stopped since.  So I MISSED the heel turn.  Also missed Flair's original run...oh well...
 Shawn Micheals had had it with Jannetty's messing up of the tag team.  Blowing spots.  A famous one was in Survivor Series 1991.  So he superkicks him!

He then picks him up by a head of his hair to throw him threw the barber shop window! are not going there.  The Barber Shop window on my custom is a full sheet of plastic glass.  It is not breakable.

Uh oh!  Got caught playing with my little dolls again.  It is time to go back to time out!

My artist is making something else after this.  CARE to guess what it is?  You will never guess...

Rest assured I will NEVER commission a Missy's Manor.  That show sucked.  And so did Hyatt...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist Q DVD's I want

Welcome to Wednesday Wishlist!  This is about DVD's I am dying to get starting with the letter Q!  Since there are not many movies made with the letter Q....This will be quite short.

1. Quick Change- Loved this movie when I first saw it.  Murray is comedic genious!

2. Quiz Show- Compelling thriller that has you rooting for Van Doren.  First time I ever saw a movie with Fiennes.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This or that?

So I have been doing these wrestling playsets, robes, etc. since April of this year.  It has been 4 months of it.  Alot of things have been made which I am extremely happy about. monster bone has been tickling me today.  The Moebius Mummy kit which came out 5 years ago is NOW going for $60!

  It had come on the market for $24....My feeling is if I do not get some of the Moebius goodness now, prices are just going to escalate more.  Then I will be kicking myself for not getting them sooner.  Although I LOVE the wrestling stuff and have many more projects in mind.
Barber Shop should arrive on Tuesday mind you...But I got more I wanna do!

 Such a quandry!

Whaddya think?  Stick with the playsets or tackle the monster kit arena?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Custom WWF M and M robes!

I knew I needed jackets for these guys.  They look so plain without them.
I think they came out super!  Awesomely done.  Big and fluffy!  That is how I like my women too.  HAHA

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD P edition! Top 10

Yup....The letter is P.  I gotta get these DVD's one day.
1. Pete's Dragon- I had the record as a kid.  Passamaquatty....Wow.  What memories associated with this film.  I have not found it yet.

2. Pinocchio- A great early Disney flick.  It is $20 in Mexico.  Ughh...I am on the lookout for a $5 one.

3. Piranha- The original.  I have both remakes.  

4. Places of the heart- I saw this as a young lad.  It dealt with racism etc.  Wonderful film.

5. Poltergeist- Love the toys in this one.  This was an HBO staple back in the day.  Scared the crap out of me.
6. Pretty in Pink- Ah...During my rebellious teen years this film was a must have.

7. Pretty Woman- Who couldn't love this one?

8. Project X- After Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick did this film.  It has great music and a very important theme for today.  Animal cruelty.

9. Psycho collection- I have part one.  Gotta get these!  Perkins is so frickin awesome.

10. Pure Luck- If you have not seen Pure Luck you must.  Hilarious!  I like it that it comes with three other classic movies.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

One new door installed!

Now we are just awaiting the other door and it's bam to the U.S.!  I told you guys one has been installed.  Look at this iron monstrosity!  It is as tough as nails.  It beats the flimsy wood door we had before.  Behind me is a plastic giant Oreo that I found in Mexico.  Love Oreos!
Let's see the little bastards try to break in now!  This door is solid steel!  It would take a car driving through to get in!

My metal guy is the BEST!  He even added something monstery....He put this metal head of an ax coming through the door.  SO frickin awesome!  He is one of the few on this planet that get me.

So yeah as soon as the other one gets here I will be sending out my care packages.  I think I need Cal's address again though. 

Friday, August 16, 2013


To tell you the truth, I hesitated before commissioning this to be made.  It was a match that was only done twice to my knowledge, both at Summerslams!  1998 and 1999 respectively.  AND all I have is a camera phone which absolutely sucks for good photos.
 I thought about doing an arena to be honest BUT....I like to do things differently as most of you know.  I like to make things that no one else is doing. I mean hell I made a Hogpen match already.  This has never  been done before and if I ever get into MMA then I will already have the playset.  Besides I will do an arena one day.  My Bash at the Beach SURELY qualifies for being one already...So here goes...
 Well there it is in all it's glory.  I LOVE IT!  So fricking cool.  All made of metal.  My guy did a great job!
 The referee is ready to call the action!
 He here is preparing to open the door.
 It even has a locking mechanism!!!  Man my metal guy is FRICKING cool!

Here are Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock duking it out in the Lion's Den!
The Green light gives it an arena type effect...
I love how the door opens in the middle!

I know it is not entirely accurate but it is my version.  I did less posts in between cage parts.  I also put the laddar for the referee to climb up to watch the fight.  It always bothered me how he got up there...  And I decided to have it with six sides instead of a circle up top.

I will take better pics once I have a REAL frickin camera.

Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Camp Crystal Lake never looked betta!

Told you I would break with the wrestling thing.  At least for this week.  I first saw Friday the 13th part 1 because of my childhood friend Brett Burchfield.  I have blogged about this before but he also lived right across the street from a wooded park.  Which also had a little cabin type thing for grills and cookouts.   For my 10 year old brain, it was Jason's shack as seen in part 2.  Which I also saw with Brett.

The Friday movies left such an impression on me.  Especially those first two.  In part 2 the quirky redheaded kid who would go on to star in Just one of the guys and his two friends find an original camp crystal lake sign.
To me, that was terrifying!!!  I have no idea why.  Just a plain ordinary sign to me.  But Jason was lurking in the trees watching them.  I wanted a different sign.  They SHOULD have found the one featured so prominently in the first film.
This one is the one I am talking about.  That would have been alot more meaningful had they found this sign in the woods. we go!
Can't you see the SHEER joy on my face?  My own Camp Crystal Lake sign!  WHOOO!

Oh yeah baby!  The only thing that would make this pic better is if I had a machete in my hand.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

WWF CUSTOM COAT...It kinda sucks....

Yeah...What I had in my mind and in the pic is NOT what my gal delivered.  Just not very good.  But since I speak Spanglish and she is Mexican perhaps there was a communication gap.  I wanted a Miami Vice type coat.  You know...Long and white like Crockett used to wear?  I was going to use it on my Jake Roberts figure.  Instead of I got this....
Um....Looks like Cortoroy Joe or something.  Kinda like a Straight Jacket but NOT.   It is definitely what I did NOT want but....I didn't want to hurt her feelings.  She hit a homerun with William Regal and others but this one....This one was a gutter ball.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

WWF Custom...I have no idea why...

The wrestler above is Johnny Rods.  A jobber in the WWF.  However he just looked SO naked...So I had my gal give him a robe.  He needed it.  Something to match his tights.  Oh well.....There it is.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Custom WWF Rick Rude robe!

I always liked Rick Rude during his first run with the WWF.  I thought he was hilarious.  

So I had to do this robe of him.  I think it works well.

But I absolutely hated him when he defected to WCW the day after the Montreal Screwjob.  Hated him.  What an ass!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


What you don't remember the Brother Love show?  In honor of Bruce Pritchard I commissioned this piece when I heard he got fired from TNA.  The Brother Love show was on WWF tv in 1988-1991 if memory serves me right.  He was a great villain although not a wrestler.  He played the part of a crooked preacher.  Hell what preacher ISN'T crooked?

This was what my artist came up with.  I figured something a little lighter and easier to be done since the Bash at the Beach playset.
 I LUV YOU!  Brother Love invites Hulk Hogan as his guest.
 Hulkster you look like to me....A person that does not have LUV!!!!  Or love...I am trying to get his southern inflection sounding right.
Well let me tell you something Brother love...I am not going to take anymore of this!!

 Go get em Hulkster!  Knock that phony preacher on his keister!  Hey, I think I did some rhyming there!!!
Oh oh....I got caught playing with my toys again.  My wifey is gonna kill me!

So yeah this is a little more lowkey than others.  But I put the call out to you!  My fellow figure fanatics!

To see my other projects click on some of these...

Love my own comic book rack!  Sure does take me back to my youth.

The first one I ever had made.  The Scaffold match

The Buried Alive match

The Sidehighwall match

The Hogpen match

Jake Robert's Snake pit

The 1997 RAW entrance

WCW entrance logos!

There are more but man....I have sure had alot made.  And I am not stopping now!  This is too much fun.  More fun than buying toys from the store.

My actual next project has nothing to do with wrestling...
But I put it to you the readers!

What would YOU do next as a playset in wrestling?  No cages or anything like that though.