Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- DVDS I want N edition!

It is Wednesday Wishlist where no one cares..But I am a movie NUT...So these are thee top 10 movies that begin with the letter N I am craving for on DVD...

1. Night of the comet-  This movie was so cool as a kid.  So really cool.  A comet wipes out everyone on Earth except for people that slept under metal or something like that.  Some of the humans turn into zombies....You can imagine what happens.

2. Night of the Creeps- Never saw it.  Heard great things.  Same director as Monster Squad.

3. Nightwing- This movie was in 1981 I believe and I thought it was scary.  What did I know?  I was a stupid kid.  I just really remember the bat down the guy's pants biting his weewee...

4. Nothing to lose- This was a sleeper I caught accidently one night.  Wow.  Too funny.

ooopss.....Yeah it is not a top 10 list.  I do not want other movies that start with the letter N.  This is it.

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