Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD TV Shows S-Z edition

It is Wednesday Wishlist time....And the TV portion of my wishlist is sadly coming to an end.  This is the S-Y edition.  

1. Superfriends season 1 volume one- This was my least favorite version of Superfriends.  Wendy and Marvin.  Need I say more?  But I still want it.

2. Superfriends Season one volume 2- More Wendy and Marvin weirdness...

3. Superfriends world's greatest- This is the one Superfriends DVD I want the MOST!  But those jackasses made it a Target exclusive and now is a frickin $25 on Amazon!  I bought ALL of the other Superfriends in anticipation of this and I get screwed over by not living in the states...Ughhh...

4. Superfriends- A dangerous fate-  I don't have it.  Don't know what is on it but I have all the other Superfriends DVD sets so I gotta get it.

5. Superman new adventures- This was a filmation production.  Gotta get it!

6. Superman Ruby spears-  I do not remember this much but hey, it's Superman!

7. Superman unbound- It is a new DC animated movie.  I have most of the rest so this is a must get.

8. Webster season one- I liked this show as a kid.  Little Emmanuel Lewis was so cute!  Liked Alex Karras as well from Blazing Saddles.

9. Welcome Back Kotter season one-  Wow...This one was on reruns when I was a kid.  Gotta get this one.

10. Young Justice- I would rather have season sets.  I have never seen an episode but have heard good things.
11. Walking Dead season 3-  I have one and two.  Gotta get this as well.  Gotta!  But do not want Blu Ray.

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