Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- DVD I want M edition

Welcome to Wednesday Wishlist...The day NO ONE in the blogging sphere dares comment on and usually only gets 8 people viewing....But what the hey, I take the time to comment on their tedious blogs so without furthur adieu...
This is going to be a long one.  There are many I want with the letter M in the title...
1. Magic- the VHS cover of this movie alone scared the beejesus out of me as a kid.  But when I saw it it is not just a horror movie.  It is complex and mysterious.  Good film.

2. Man on the Moon- I am an Andy Kaufman nut and how can I not have this?

3. Mars Attacks-  I like this movie alot.  Had it taped on VHS but the recorder ate it...Oh well.  Gotta get the DVD version.

4. MASK- Not the one with Jim Carrey.  I have that one.  This movie is about deformed Eric Stoltz because he got fired from Back to the Future...I found it here in Saltillo but Soriana wants 85 pesos for it.  Not worth it.  Drop the price to 70 and ya got a deal.

5. Max Dugan Returns-  A HUGE Movie Channel romp in the eighties.  I miss this film alot.  Youtube always shuts down anyone who tries to upload it.  Also the DVD is like $50!  Why don't they re release this classic?  

6. Megaforce-  I remember the comic book ads.  That is about all.  I know it has Brad in it from Rocky Horror.  Never seen it though.  I heard it sucks.

7. Memories of me-  Great film.  I own it on VHS.  It is a great father son bonding movie.  I often think of my own Dad when watching it.  But since the VHS has gone the way of the dodo...I haven't seen it in years.

8. Micki and Maude-It is it all.  Wrestling cameos, Dudley Moore...It is funny!  Great comedy!  and look.  The DVD above comes with 3 other movies!  It is a win win.

9. Mr. Saturday Night- I have no idea why this movie gets flack.  I LOVE this film!  I have to have it.  It is moving and hilarious.

10. Mr. Baseball-  This movie is about trying to fit into other cultures....Boy is THAT the story of my life for the past 7 years!


  1. Don't take offense Hobby.It may just be that people aren't interested in the subject matter.It's all good.Hopefully you can get back to taking action figure pics once you get your new camera.

    1. Not that much offended. But they don't even comment about the wrestling stuff either.

  2. Mask FTW! "My mom says i look like a lion" ;)

    1. I saw it a few times but do not remember that line. Thanks for commenting my friend.

  3. lol I'm not sure if he actually said that or something like it!Still a great flick!