Friday, July 26, 2013


I have said before how I never watched WCW.  Never.  It was only because of the Rise and Fall of the WCW DVD that the WWE produced is the only reason I have even seen it.  They say the Hogan Heel turn at Bash at the Beach was the biggest heel turn in wrestling.  Well since I wasn't watching then...I don't think so.  I think it was Andre the Giant in the WWF.  But whatever.  I have since watched the heel turn and think how much BETTER would it have been had it been in the WWE.

What impressed me more about WCW than anything I have seen are the ppv sets.  Wow!  The WWF have had some good ones but they are mostly generic.  My favorite of the WWF is Over the Edge 1998 with all of the burnt out cars.  Anyways, the Bash at the Beach set is awesome do I decided to make my own!

But there have been many Bash at the Beach ppvs!  What to do?  Well, I decided to do an amalgamation of my favorite things about them.  So here is what my artist came up with....
Again this was photgraphed at my bar, Monster Cafe Saltillo...Let's look furthur shall we?  I am glad he didn't incorporate the flags in it.  When I think of a beach I do NOT think of flags...But look at those awesome palm trees!  Custom made baby!  Raymundo you are a genius!

Here is Hogan coming out to the ring to turn his back on his brother Randy Savage!  Notice the screen behind him with the thatch roof!  It is the Bash at the Beach logo!
Of course Hogan has to take time to sit in the lifeguard tower...HAHA...This thing has REAL sand glued into it.  Somehow my artist had some extra sand in a jar when he went to the beach some time ago.  Awesome huh?

Oh there is that sneaky Ric Flair hiding behind the surfboards just waiting to slap the figure four on our hero Hulk Hogan!
But they decide to have a beer and celebrate the WWF's demise!  I decided to use this custom Ric which is basically a Ric head on a Chuck Palumbo body because the Toybiz one looks SO small.  Like a little kid.
And later when the Pay Per View is over...Ric Flair plays in the sand at the beach!

I gotta tell ya!  This was ALOT of fun designing this and seeing what my artist would do.  I cannot thank him enough!  I am anxious to do other stuff but really...I need an arena first!  So these entrances are going to take a backseat for awhile.  I cannot get my metal guy to finish some other stuff I have in the pipeline.  But man this Bash at the Beach just warms my heart!  Even though I wasn't a fan of WCW then...I am NOW.  That is what counts!
Nah just kidding....Flair attacked his butt and put him in the figure four!  OH MY!


  1. This has be one of your best sets yet Hobby! Your person that does these is just amazing and what I would have them do for G.I. Joe or even Star Wars or Masters of the Universe would be awesome!

    1. I plan on moving to those one day. I am just obsessed with all things wrestling right now.

  2. Wow, that Surfing 60's Batman figure they showed at SDCC would look great on this display stand.

    1. Perhaps. I just don't buy 6 inch figures anymore except for wrestling.

  3. Wow! Beautiful playset!!!!

    I recently saw an LJN Ultimate Warrior figure, loose. I had never seen it for real, only behind the card. He goes for A LOT but was "only" $25... I should have bought him.

    1. Thanks! I don't know if my playsets will ever be this cool in the future...

      I got mine for $5!