Saturday, July 6, 2013


In the tradition of my RAW stage prop....I had to do a WCW one.  Now let me get this out there.  I hated WCW in the day and never watched them.  I probably should have to tell you the truth.  But I was a WWF loyalist ever since Wrestlemania 3.  I thought Hogan and Savage going over there was traitorous!  They slapped Vince in the face!  Made me so mad.  The war was on Monday Nights and I stuck by my WWF!  I loved the influx of new talent I had not seen before.  Marc Mero...Yes I was a Wildman fan.  All the others too.  I was not exposed to them by not watching WCW so they were absolutely fresh to me.
Toybiz came out with the WCW logo entrance....
You can see it on the bottom right side.  SO little for believability...
Anyways here is what I gave my artist to work with....Something more accurate...
The above pic is the actual WCW Nitro set....Let's see what my artist did...
 Whoa!  I liked to see when the members of the NWO would come out...Yeah the artist made it a LITTLE too big but stuff is not exact.  I like the signs a little bigger than normal.
I put Kevin Nash sitting on top of the WCW logo to show you that the thing is pretty sturdy.
 I am loving this thing.  Pretty soon I will make a stage and then I can run Monday night RAW and Monday Nitro shows!
 The Giant stands alone to challenge all who oppose him!
It is like my little baby!

Awesome right!  I only got into WCW when the WWF bought them in 2001....Then I was jumping up and down that Vince won.  I loved it.  I LIVED in Atlanta at the time, WCW's yard and I couldn't be happier with their demise.  I relished it.  I wanted that hick promotion to go down in flames.  So it was only after that the WWF released the Rise and Fall of WCW that I finally took a look at them.  I watch it often to this day. How could they go under with all that money behind them?  Boggles the mind!  I wish more DVD's were on their way about this company that had awesome wrestlers.  I gotta pick up Wargames one day as well as the Clash of the Champions DVD.



  1. Nice. They are very clean and uniform.

  2. Wow! Great collection of WCW figures!!!

    NWO 4 LIFE!

    1. HAHA...I have alot more but I just wanted to feature the NWO with the WCW logos here.

    2. Very cool!

      I've set myself a new goal, to get all of the Hulk Hogan figures I can find! HULKAMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pretty cool man! LOve the Bash at The Beach set up.

    1. Hey thanks! Gonna do them again one dayI do not have the space anymore for big projects. Hopefully that will change one day.