Thursday, July 4, 2013

Controversial Thursday- How I almost lived in Washington state.


Yeah....Dad and I almost escaped the hell that is Atlanta with it's REDNECK views on architecture....
It was around 1980.  Dad got promised a job in Washington State and we were going to move.  But several factors prevented us from us having a different kind of life.  Let's review them shall we?

1. The job didn't turn out like Dad wanted.  A man named Alistar Black was a jackass.  He was the guy that hoodwinked Dad into coming up there.  Anyway the job dissolved.

2. Priscilla Corbitt- My father's live in Girlfriend who paid no rent.  Now do not get me wrong.  I like Priscilla today.  But back then she liked being in affair with my father and not really being a mother to me which I needed.  To put it frankly she was a pain in the ass to Dad.  Which made our new transition of living in the new state very difficult.

3. My old Atlanta friends- Sneaky little fuckers...The day we were leaving one of them...Shawn...Decided to drop by and say goodbye.  Little did we know he opened a back window in hopes we didn't see it.  While we were gone to Seattle the little bastards broke into our home and stole all of my Star Wars toys and other things.  Bill Staley, Dale LaValley, Shawn the cousin of Bill, and one other kid I cannot remember.  So we had that on top of the first two things making life difficult for us to be in another state.  The boys were caught redhanded and we sued.  The judge sided with the boys telling us that they were far too young to be prosecuted.  Did the parents of the kids offer anything?  Hell no they didn't!  Still to this day I have not gotten an apology from Dale who I am friends with on FB.  But hey he did take me out to dinner once.

4.  My birthmother Nyda threatened to sue for custody of me since we were now out of Georgia.  Dad HAD to come back to Atlanta to defend ourselves.  Nyda the bitch, dropped the case as soon as we returned.  Did she really want custody of me?  No.  She wanted to cause my father mental anguish and stop us from being happy in Seattle.....Hey Nyda!  FUCK YOU!  But then she arranges for me to live in New York...I don't get it...Oh yeah I do.  It was all about causing my father problems.

So..........I lived basically 30 years in Atlanta, two years in New York City and now 6 in Mexico.

What could have been?  How could my life had been different IF we were allowed to stay in Seattle?  Who knows....It might've been great.
We probably never would have gone into the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses....I never would have had the fear of my friends turning against me if these kids didn't invade my home and trash it.  One day I will feature on this blog exactly what the kids did.  I kept the photos.  Seattle is 69% white people!  7% black!  Who knows?  I might not have been a little bit racist by growing up there!  See, growing up in Atlanta where the blacks picked on me in school developed for me a hatred of some of them.  Racism was taught to me by those experiences.

Since no one commented on yesterday's post I gotta vent.

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