Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Custom One Man Gang vest!

Yeah I just keep on churning them out don't I?  This was a REALLY simple one to do.  I have to go to the transfer shop to put his logo on the back though before he would be complete in my book.
I loved the Gang back in the day.  I thought he was a credible threat to Hulk Hogan.  He was huge.  I hated they changed him to Akeem.  In an alley I would be more afraid of the One Man Gang with those skulls on him then a dancing fool like Akeem.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Custom Ric Flair robe!

I gotta tell ya....Having your own sewing chick is pretty cool.  This woman is the mother of one of my waiters.  It is quite cool to have her do stuff.  She previously did the William Regal and Goldust robes as a test.  Now she tackles the granddaddy of them all....Ric Flair....I think she did great...

You cannot see it but he is wearing his pink outfit.  Pink boots etc.  This robe is awesome.  It also has little purpley sparkley things that are not visible in this pic.  Very happy with this robe.

Friday, July 26, 2013


I have said before how I never watched WCW.  Never.  It was only because of the Rise and Fall of the WCW DVD that the WWE produced is the only reason I have even seen it.  They say the Hogan Heel turn at Bash at the Beach was the biggest heel turn in wrestling.  Well since I wasn't watching then...I don't think so.  I think it was Andre the Giant in the WWF.  But whatever.  I have since watched the heel turn and think how much BETTER would it have been had it been in the WWE.

What impressed me more about WCW than anything I have seen are the ppv sets.  Wow!  The WWF have had some good ones but they are mostly generic.  My favorite of the WWF is Over the Edge 1998 with all of the burnt out cars.  Anyways, the Bash at the Beach set is awesome do I decided to make my own!

But there have been many Bash at the Beach ppvs!  What to do?  Well, I decided to do an amalgamation of my favorite things about them.  So here is what my artist came up with....
Again this was photgraphed at my bar, Monster Cafe Saltillo...Let's look furthur shall we?  I am glad he didn't incorporate the flags in it.  When I think of a beach I do NOT think of flags...But look at those awesome palm trees!  Custom made baby!  Raymundo you are a genius!

Here is Hogan coming out to the ring to turn his back on his brother Randy Savage!  Notice the screen behind him with the thatch roof!  It is the Bash at the Beach logo!
Of course Hogan has to take time to sit in the lifeguard tower...HAHA...This thing has REAL sand glued into it.  Somehow my artist had some extra sand in a jar when he went to the beach some time ago.  Awesome huh?

Oh there is that sneaky Ric Flair hiding behind the surfboards just waiting to slap the figure four on our hero Hulk Hogan!
But they decide to have a beer and celebrate the WWF's demise!  I decided to use this custom Ric which is basically a Ric head on a Chuck Palumbo body because the Toybiz one looks SO small.  Like a little kid.
And later when the Pay Per View is over...Ric Flair plays in the sand at the beach!

I gotta tell ya!  This was ALOT of fun designing this and seeing what my artist would do.  I cannot thank him enough!  I am anxious to do other stuff but really...I need an arena first!  So these entrances are going to take a backseat for awhile.  I cannot get my metal guy to finish some other stuff I have in the pipeline.  But man this Bash at the Beach just warms my heart!  Even though I wasn't a fan of WCW then...I am NOW.  That is what counts!
Nah just kidding....Flair attacked his butt and put him in the figure four!  OH MY!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- DVDS I want N edition!

It is Wednesday Wishlist where no one cares..But I am a movie NUT...So these are thee top 10 movies that begin with the letter N I am craving for on DVD...

1. Night of the comet-  This movie was so cool as a kid.  So really cool.  A comet wipes out everyone on Earth except for people that slept under metal or something like that.  Some of the humans turn into zombies....You can imagine what happens.

2. Night of the Creeps- Never saw it.  Heard great things.  Same director as Monster Squad.

3. Nightwing- This movie was in 1981 I believe and I thought it was scary.  What did I know?  I was a stupid kid.  I just really remember the bat down the guy's pants biting his weewee...

4. Nothing to lose- This was a sleeper I caught accidently one night.  Wow.  Too funny.

ooopss.....Yeah it is not a top 10 list.  I do not want other movies that start with the letter N.  This is it.

Monday, July 22, 2013


I gotta tells ya....I loved when Jakks came out with their plastic tables to be broken in half and put back together.  It gave a tremendous amount of awesome playtime experiences for me as a kid.  The Dudley boys were popular in the WWF and they were constantly putting people through tables.
Then jakks made this commentator table playset that came with a JR  Jim Ross figure.  I bought three of them at the time.  Loved putting guys through the commentators table.  Then I happened to catch ECW on Youtube.  Wow!  A flaming tables match!  Then Edge had one with Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22! 

 But how could I light my plastic tables on fire without ruining them?  Answer?  I couldn't.  So an idea germinated in my little noggin...
I decided to have my OWN metal tables made that I COULD set on fire!

They fold up like the real thing too!  My artist also made me this baseball bat, and barbed wire lasso...

I took them outside because I didn't want to burn my bar down.....Setting it on fire with just lighter fluid didn't work so well as the pic shows....Looks kind of light.  Although you can see the flame somewhat.
Had to put Mankind through the table of course!

But then I was afraid of melting my plastic Mankind figure.  That is Edge in the upper top of the photo.  

So...my artist had an idea of wrapping the table in a napkin then dousing it with alchol.  Yup...A much better flame!  And the table is still brand new.  Being made out of metal it would take ALOT of heat to melt.  

So now I can have flaming tables matches all the time.

The table works and is not melted.  Flaming tables match to infinity and beyond!


Saturday, July 20, 2013


It seems everyone and their cousins are making custom barbed wire...So I gotta do it too!
Ever since seeing a barbed wire match I have grown to love em.  So bloody etc.  I never had the one that Jakks made so I saw this pic of one on the internet.  It is made by Figures Toy company for $10.
So I decided to make my own...So my artist came up with this....
Look!  He even made razerwire on the bottom of this photo!  Oh man...time for a match!
I chose Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam.  I also wanted the barbed wire pallets to be much bigger.  Real Table sized!

Also had my artist make two great big tables for this.  The original Jakks one above is pretty little.

Oh man!  Tommy Dreamer is getting it BAD!  

I think it's time I put some fake blood to top all of this carnage off!

The razerwire will eventually belong to another custom I hope to make one day.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- DVD I want M edition

Welcome to Wednesday Wishlist...The day NO ONE in the blogging sphere dares comment on and usually only gets 8 people viewing....But what the hey, I take the time to comment on their tedious blogs so without furthur adieu...
This is going to be a long one.  There are many I want with the letter M in the title...
1. Magic- the VHS cover of this movie alone scared the beejesus out of me as a kid.  But when I saw it it is not just a horror movie.  It is complex and mysterious.  Good film.

2. Man on the Moon- I am an Andy Kaufman nut and how can I not have this?

3. Mars Attacks-  I like this movie alot.  Had it taped on VHS but the recorder ate it...Oh well.  Gotta get the DVD version.

4. MASK- Not the one with Jim Carrey.  I have that one.  This movie is about deformed Eric Stoltz because he got fired from Back to the Future...I found it here in Saltillo but Soriana wants 85 pesos for it.  Not worth it.  Drop the price to 70 and ya got a deal.

5. Max Dugan Returns-  A HUGE Movie Channel romp in the eighties.  I miss this film alot.  Youtube always shuts down anyone who tries to upload it.  Also the DVD is like $50!  Why don't they re release this classic?  

6. Megaforce-  I remember the comic book ads.  That is about all.  I know it has Brad in it from Rocky Horror.  Never seen it though.  I heard it sucks.

7. Memories of me-  Great film.  I own it on VHS.  It is a great father son bonding movie.  I often think of my own Dad when watching it.  But since the VHS has gone the way of the dodo...I haven't seen it in years.

8. Micki and Maude-It is it all.  Wrestling cameos, Dudley Moore...It is funny!  Great comedy!  and look.  The DVD above comes with 3 other movies!  It is a win win.

9. Mr. Saturday Night- I have no idea why this movie gets flack.  I LOVE this film!  I have to have it.  It is moving and hilarious.

10. Mr. Baseball-  This movie is about trying to fit into other cultures....Boy is THAT the story of my life for the past 7 years!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


For some reason I wanted a metal ladder as well.  I SHOULD have given my metal guy and example of one.  Then it would have turned out perfectly.

Well....It didn't quite turn out like I had hoped but it is ok.  My metal guy took one look at the giant ladder from a pic of a ladder match I had on my computer and made this...
I am going to have him fix it for sure.  Only one side has good rungs on it.  I need them both the same.

I was wondering why he made it SO frickin big...Oh well...Perhaps he can correct it one of these days.  But it gave me a GREAT idea for a future project.  I will have him make it one day.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The pic says it all!
Screw Ralph's figure clothing!  I get it cheaper in Mexico!  I saw this pic on Ralph's site belonging to Bobby Eaton....Well I liked it enough to copy it for William Regal.  I think it looks elegant and Regaly.  Yeah, I just made up that word... Wish I had a better pic but my artist took it when he took the Goldust photo.  With my next clothes coming soon I will do a better job in the clothing photo department.  BETTER closeups!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I know I know...Goldust was never in WCW....BUT I had my artist snap the pics the day he did the WCW sign.  Sewing robes etc for my WWE figures is awesome.  Why?  Because the one that sews them called Ralph's clothing charges $20 a robe!  I can get a local gal to do it for $3!  THAT is awesome!

It has only been 6 days since I ordered my next project and I am already frothing at the mouth...Wish it would get here soon!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD TV Shows S-Z edition

It is Wednesday Wishlist time....And the TV portion of my wishlist is sadly coming to an end.  This is the S-Y edition.  

1. Superfriends season 1 volume one- This was my least favorite version of Superfriends.  Wendy and Marvin.  Need I say more?  But I still want it.

2. Superfriends Season one volume 2- More Wendy and Marvin weirdness...

3. Superfriends world's greatest- This is the one Superfriends DVD I want the MOST!  But those jackasses made it a Target exclusive and now is a frickin $25 on Amazon!  I bought ALL of the other Superfriends in anticipation of this and I get screwed over by not living in the states...Ughhh...

4. Superfriends- A dangerous fate-  I don't have it.  Don't know what is on it but I have all the other Superfriends DVD sets so I gotta get it.

5. Superman new adventures- This was a filmation production.  Gotta get it!

6. Superman Ruby spears-  I do not remember this much but hey, it's Superman!

7. Superman unbound- It is a new DC animated movie.  I have most of the rest so this is a must get.

8. Webster season one- I liked this show as a kid.  Little Emmanuel Lewis was so cute!  Liked Alex Karras as well from Blazing Saddles.

9. Welcome Back Kotter season one-  Wow...This one was on reruns when I was a kid.  Gotta get this one.

10. Young Justice- I would rather have season sets.  I have never seen an episode but have heard good things.
11. Walking Dead season 3-  I have one and two.  Gotta get this as well.  Gotta!  But do not want Blu Ray.