Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ah yes....The year was 1995.  Gimmicks were still in full force back then.  Henry O. Godwinn debuted and a little known wrestler named Terra Ryzing...oops I mean Hunter Hearst Helmsley joined the WWF at the time.  One was a hick.  The other a conneticutt blue blood.  They were naturally paired against each other.  It lead to a hogpen match at one of the In your House ppv's.

It was a wild and wooly affair for it's time.  So being that I love all things WWF right now I decided to have my artist make one.  This will be the last time I do things with mud or dirt....the other being the Buried Alive match we made. 
The above pic is a Hogpen match from 2003 that I never did see.  It has hay and a little bowl of food in it.  Cool.  So I incorporated it into mine.
 I will never do a women's mud pool match.  I hate the women's division.  It should never be shown on TV.  The Divas should only be valets like Ms. Elizabeth was.  Women wrestling looks faker than anything.
Henry Godwinn and HHH square off in the first ever Hogpen match!  Can't you just hear Vince McMahon calling it right now!  My artist even put a little piggy in there.  He is the sausage looking thing in the back.  And I know the door is wrong...Oh well....

Argghhh!  Get em HHH!  oops...Got caught playing with my toys again.
Looks QUITE muddy doesn't it?  Here Henry O has dropped HHH on his family jewels.
What will Stephanie McMahon say?  Oh that's right...At this point they are not dating yet...

OOOHHHHH....Godwinn is making Hunter eat the pig slop!  Well I guess we can call a winner in this!

So what do you think?  The artist decided to paint the fence in white.  He said it is a nice contrast to the mud.  Pretty good huh?  Thanks to the artist Raymundo for making my wrestling project dreams come true!

I know it is not as exciting as other things I have made but I am pretty sure I am the first to do it!


  1. Oh man Hobby I totally forgot about these Hogpin match ups! And when will you be having your artist making up a Gravy Bowl match one for the Diva action figures lol.

    1. NEVA! I think Divas are nice to look at but that is about it. I just do not like women's wrestling. But funny idea for sure!

  2. Now you need some custom versions of those figures all covered in mud.

    1. I couldn't do it! I could not ruin a figure like that. It would offend my sensibilities.

  3. Nice!Not big on wrestling but a cool set nonetheless.
    Diggin' the Secret Wars shirt!

    1. I am obsessed with wrestling right now only because THESE are the playsets I wish I had as a kid! Now I have the opportunity to actually make them how I want. It is SUCH a thrill!