Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist Top 10 TV Shows H-M edition!

This thing is going so fast!  There are just not alot of TV shows I want in comparison to movies.  

1. Hazel season one- She was a doll!  This is at a time when TV was wholesome.  I saw these on reruns obviously but it made a strong impression on me.

2. Herculoids complete series- Oh yeah.  What self respecting geek that doesn't have these can be called in fact, a geek.  Their adventures usually revolved around someone invading their planet.

3. Holy Batmania!- Pretty much the making of the 1966 Batman TV show.

4. Incredible Hulk TV movies- There were 3 in total.  I want these two because they are on the same DVD. I proudly say that I have ALL of the seasons of the original series.  These are the logical followups.

5. Josie and the Pussycats- Yeah I know....Kinda lame right?  I even have fond memories of their space show too.

6. Justice League complete series-  This is also a must buy!  Awesome show!  What more can I say?

7. Justice League Crisis on two earths- This is about the only movie I do not have of the modern cartoons.

8. La Femme Nikita season 4- I have the first three seasons.  They are REALLY for Wifey and not myself.  My Mexican wife is a la femme nikita nut.

9. Legends of the superheroes-  I saw this in 1979!  Always wanted to see it again.  I have heard it sucks.  Saw it at my Aunt Mary's house way back then.  Have fond memories of her shag carpet in her living room.

10. Mister Ed season one-  Saw this in reruns too.  Such a wholesome show.  Wisecracking Ed and his owner...Eh, I forgot his name.

11. Mork and Mindy season two- I have season one and love it.  Season two gets zanier!

12. Munsters season 2- Got season one too.  Gotta get this one.  I DO have a Monster Cafe after all!  I have a rep to protect!
13. My favorite martian season 1- Yeah all I want is one season of this.  Great show.  Bill Bixby is probably one of my favorite actors of all time.


  1. As a kid i remember having a little puppy and it getting killed by a speeding car driving down our street.About an hour after it happened the theme to the Incredible Hulk started playing on the T.V.,you know that incredibly sad sounding piano music.It made me bawl uncontrollably lol!

    1. HAHA! Yeah I had the same thing happened to me. A speeding car hit my dog Pistol. He was a huge Dalmation. He was SO big and so dumb that he survived though. We ended up giving him to a farmer so he could run run run. Our house was too little for him.

  2. Tons of great shows there Hobby and my wife was a big fan of Nikita as well.

    1. Well...I caved and ordered the rest of the Nikita series for her. So seasons 4 and 5 are in the mail.