Saturday, June 29, 2013

Refresher course! The things I collect...

I so hope and pray someone comes in with a boatload of this stuff and I give him free beer and food till the cows come home....But snap...Back to reality....Here is a list of things I currently collect...
1. DVD movies- oh yeah...I am a movie buff.  I have a wishlist of over 300.  But at least I continue to chip away at it.  The good thing is that I can find alot in Mexico.

2. Marvel Universe 3 inch figures-  The figures I have always wanted from my childhood in the correct scale.    I have made a small dent into it but I have have along way to go.  Again they are in Mexico sometimes which is good.  The last time I saw them though was a year ago.

3. GI Joe- but really only the playsets and vehicles and the 25th anniversary ones.  I do not like the eighties joes although I did collect them.  Their vehicles were better.  Not found in Mexico.

4. Marvel Essentials and DC showcase presents-I love this literature.  It is big and chock full of stuff.  Yeah it SUCKS being in black and white but oh well...Never found in Mexico.

5. Figure model kits- I hate cars, trains, planes, and boats....I love figure kits though.  Especially monster ones.  Again, not in Mexico.

6. Monster stuff- I need it for the cafe really.  Thousands of people see it every year which is awesome.  But none here in Mexico.

7. Funko bobbleheads-  I only have ONE....The Trix Rabbit....Sure would like more.  But finding them in Saltillo or Mexico for that matter is like finding gold....Never gonna happen.

8. Mattel WWE basic and elite figures-  The best wrestling figure line hands down.  I have most of the Jakks and would trade them out in a heartbeat to acquire these...Sometimes very few are here to whet my appetite.  But there sits Chavo Guerrero on the shelves.  No new product in 2 years.
9. Making my own stuff-  Yeah I had this Wolfman made for the Monster Cafe.  I LOVE making my own stuff down here!  Or having it made.  I am like such a kid with all the wrestling stuff coming out.  Stuff that the toy companies would never make.  I am in Paradise with all of this.

Most of what I listed should be on that list but....

I would love to be able to get the Planet of the apes, 

WGSH remake,

 Star Trek etc. in the 8 inch line.  They are all being remade but will never see Mexican land.  I would have to order them and with shipping and the cost of them...It is too much for my Mexican peso.  I have enough on my collecting plate...


  1. Good luck in your hunts Hobby. : )

  2. That has to suck not being able to find most of the stuff you want to collect in your area. :(

    1. But that is why Amazon exists...BUT......I am having a BLAST making stuff here. I have 2 more things ready to be shown with no camera.

  3. I might start collecting DVD's now Hobby. That Goonies DVD sorta kinda gave me the bug.It would only be 80's flix though.