Sunday, June 9, 2013


Oh yeah....Is this not cool or what?  Now I know it is not as impressive as the Scaffold, Buried Alive, or the Snake pit but for me it is the most sentimental of the things I have made so far with regards to wrestling.  So without furthur adieu....Here it is...

Isn't it impressive?  Man does just looking at it brings me back to the 1997 version of RAW where almost anything could happen.  I love those years!  Bret Hart turned heel etc.  He is my favorite wrestler of all time. My artist even got the rough look of it!  The knicks and cuts of it.  Wow...
 Here comes Austin the WWF champion out to a huge pop on RAW!
 In 1998 there were strong rumors on the internet that Ric Flair was going to the WWF around April and HE was going to be the corporate champion against Austin.  That would have been great.  Here is what would have happened if it were true.  Flair attacks Austin!
 Oh no!  He turns the very heavy R onto Austin and Flair has invaded Austin's territory to furthur escalate the Monday Night Wars!
See how thick they are?  You can have Sabu dive off the top of them if I want!  I know the original signs were skinny but I wanted fat signs.

I am still awaiting the barbed wire boards and we are also going to make the Snake pit better by adding vines to it....Then after that?  Who knows?  I hope we can do more together. Actually when the boards are delivered we will be doing....The hogpen match and the WCW logo that will go on my custom stage whenever I make one.!

It seems that everyone and their brother does customs of stages, steel cages, and rings.  Well I hate being the conformist.  So I am doing other things to be different from the pack.  Eventually I will do all those things but right now I am having fun doing things no one else is doing.


  1. Great set. Your wrestling stages are fantastic.

  2. Wow! This is nice, man. Congrats!

    1. I get all giddy just looking at it!