Saturday, June 8, 2013

League Assignment- BRING BACK Gimmicks!

Yes it is League of Extraordinary bloggers time.  I see everyone has done their's already so it is time for me....Bring back GIMMICKS in wrestling!  The kid side of me marveled when we had a clown, garbage man, plumber, Hockey player, Dead Man, and Hillbilly wrestling.  Everyone in wrestling goes by their real names or a fake madeup name like Seth Rollins etc.  BORING!
Wrestling doesn't have the big fight feel anymore with people using real names.  Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant....Wow!  What a feud.  These characters were larger than life.  Comic books come to life.  I cannot get excited over BORING names like John Cena...

Wrestlers today do not even wear robes NOR do they have nicknames.  If ya can't give me a gimmick, how about a nickname?  Nature boy Ric Flair...Greg the Hammer Valentine.  Now it is true that Randy Orton is SOMETIMES called the Viper but it is NOT incorporated in his ring introduction.  

I miss the cheesiness of wrestling.  Bring it back.  It is FAR to realistic and winds up as uninteresting today.


  1. What about Fandango? LOL!

    1. Just because one gimmick has been around 3 months doesn't mean that all gimmicks are coming back.