Thursday, June 13, 2013

Controversial Thursday- People I don´t like

1. People that waste EVERYONE'S time by making fake trailers for Youtube.  Yes, they are desperate for an ass kicking.  I live in Mexico where we do not get Entertainment tonight that features the latest new trailer etc.  So I have to rely on Youtube.  So I gotta wade through this shit to find the real trailer to the Wolverine part 2 movie.  I could really kick you fat kids asses!  Then they have the egocentric need to put OFFICIAL trailer....Ugghhhh....
2. Here is another one us toy collectors do but not me...And maybe it doesn't deserve an asskicking but I just DO NOT get it.  People...It's a frickin toy.  Open it.  Play with it.  But do not for the holy hell of God hang it up on your wall in it's package.  It is NOT art.  Art is something you go buy at a museum or something.  THIS is a toy.  If you are holding onto it as an investment then you are an idiot.  Those days are long gone.  Invest in stocks or something.  Something with REAL returns...Not doubling your $5 one day.  Ugghhh...
3. Glass display cases for toys in one's house!  Ugghhh...Who are you showing it to?  Your small family or the cleaning lady?  I have a bar where thousands of people come so I see the value in having my monster collection being viewed by the public under a glass case.  It is part of the cafe.  But to do that in one's house where NO ONE is going to see it...Well it is kinda stupid...Again...NOT ART...
4. Underage drinking.  I am cool with it....Go to the liquor store and convince an older person to buy it for you and go BACK home or to a friend's house and have a blast.  However do NOT go to a frickin restaurant and try to order a drink when you are underage!  You look like an ass!  I just wish I could smack the people doing that.  You put the entire restaurant in danger of losing it's liquor license all because you are trying to impress your idiot friends and drink...Grow up!  Hell drink some Robotussin.  That worked great in high school for me.
5. Stupid Japanese robot creations that describe their products inaccurately.  Now this looks like a big stinking robot with GUNS...Ain't no way he is a WHISPER GHOST.  I don't care if he glows in the dark.  Caspar is a ghost and does NOT glow in the dark so that is not a requirement of ghosts.  And I am sure with his robotic metal moving around there is nothing about him whispering either.  So cut it out Japan!

6. And lastly....This asshat.  So I decided to start getting some Mattel WWE figures.  I look them up on Ebay.  This asshole has opened his new basic series 28 figures that JUST came out and is selling them for MORE than they cost him....Without the box.  Does he just collect the boxes to masturbate to or what?  He is an asshole.  Plain and simple.  In fact his auctions LITTER Ebay...So I clicked on Jakks to see what I could find.  Yup...Him again.  Charging $50 frickin dollars for a Jakks King Kong Bundy figure.  What an asshole. Like I said.  Get invested in stocks.  Not figures...People like this guy is a surefire reason to give up collecting.  


  1. Wow, I didn't know you wanted to kick my ass. While I have tons of loose figures I have quite a few carded figures hanging on my wall. I also have display cases for many of my toys. They are mostly to keep them from getting dusty. I just display them for my own enjoyment. Although I do get a kick out of when a non-toy collector comes over and says something like, "it's like a museum... you could charge admission".

    No hard feelings, but I think you attacked a good portion of your audience with this one.

    1. Ya gotta read it again. I said maybe not an ass kicking for the toys in boxes thing. Reading comprehension is awesome! Imagine if you were an underage drinker!

      I have never seen the inside of your place. I didn't know you had toys boxed up. Don't get so offended amigo. If you know Controversial Thursday, then you know what it is. It is nothing personal.

    2. I caught the part about "maybe not an ass kicking". I'm not mad, I'm mostly just being Controversial back to you. I used to not understand collecting carded toys at all, but once I had all the GI Joes loose I found a guy selling some carded ones cheap and so I had no reason to open them. Now I get duplicates once in a while to keep carded. Mostly because I like to display the different styles of packaging toys come in.

  2. Good! Give it back to me! I love it! Thursday is about exchanging ideas as well. Glad you are not offended. I have a carded Sideshow Dracula myself. I got it real cheap and have not opened it because I know it is worth much more than I paid. So I am being hypocritical in my own blog. Go figure!

  3. I do consider action figures on display to be works of art so to speak hobby.It's no different than walking into a wax museum and staring at a statue with a certain likeness.Or looking at vintage cars on display.But you are right,the difference with these little masterpieces is that you can play with them and there aren't big signs around them that say "do not touch".I plan on displaying my older figures,mostly 80's figs,in a glass display case and the more contemporary figures out in the open for "play and pose".The older stuff really are investments and as upset as we may get when we see an action figure selling for a ridiculous amount on the internet,there is always someone willing to pay the price.