Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday- Top 10 Mattel Basic WWE figures I want

Let's see now...I have done Wishlist Wednesday on Jakks, LJN etc.  Now it is time for Mattel.  I love Mattel figures and pretty much hate Jakks RA line.  I love Mattel basics AND Elite!  They are so much fun to play with.  I SO wish Mattel releases more legends in the basic line.  The price point is so much better than their Elite line.  With that said....Here is my top 10 list for Mattel Basics...
1. Ultimate Warrior in blue-  Wow...This was his Wrestlemania 4 gear when he fought Hercules.  I love this look.  My figure fed desperately needs him as the NWO is running roughshod over everyone.
2. Bret Hart- Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler of all time.  Love his work.  I watch his matches alot.  Gotta have this one.  I am using the Toybiz one right now as a heel in the NWO.  Gotta get this one to join with Warrior as a face to fight against Hogan and crew.
3. Eddie Guerrero in black- He would join my NWO...

4. Steve Austin- He would join with the Warrior and Bret as a united front against the NWO.

5. Booker T- I have the Toybiz one in a tag team called Harlem Heat with Jakks Jacqueline as their manager.  I would love to have this figure to break out on his own.
6. Randy Savage- I have the Toybiz one also as a heel with the NWO.  Gotta get this figure so he can join the United Front.

7. John Cena-  Yup...There are MILLIONS of this guy out and I do not have one.  Cannot find the guy in Mexico.  Well I cannot really find ANY in Mexico but...

8. Ted Dibiase- He would fund the United Front...But since he was in series frickin 1, I will probably never own him in this lifetime...

9. Brock Lesnar- Gotta have Brock.  A pure tank.  He would steamroll over everyone.

10. Hart Dynasty- I would have Bret eventually form the Hart Foundation with them.  

So that is it.  I really do not have ANY Mattel WWE basics but these would be at the top of the list.  As you can see...Mexico sucks for toys.  I am still playing with my Toybiz ones and they were released 13 years ago...


  1. I'm not into Wrestling figures Hobby but were there ever any articulated versions of George the Animal Steele?

    1. There were two. The Classic Superstars Jakks version and the new Elite Mattel version. I DO have these guys.

  2. Dude, is there a Ric Flair figure ? He and the rest of the Original Horsemen would be awesome !

    1. There are Tully and Arn in an exclusive you must buy over the internet scam that Mattel does....No Flair figure as of yet.